How BAD is Gas Mileage on a 500HP V12 Twin Turbo S600 Mercedes (it weighs 5000 lbs!)

I took a road trip in the V12 Twin Turbo Mercedes Benz S600 to find out whether or not I could break the low-teens MPG number I’ve been getting since owning the car. Here’s what happened…

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41 thoughts on “How BAD is Gas Mileage on a 500HP V12 Twin Turbo S600 Mercedes (it weighs 5000 lbs!)

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  2. I just have to say:
    Those on-board fuel consumption are always a little off.

    The only way to measure your consumption in a good way is at the gas station, with the tyre profile that the OEM recommends.
    You have to fill up your gas tank until the pistol stops filling.
    Make your journey.
    Return to the gas station, and fill your gas tank again to the fullest, until the pistol stops pumping.
    Now, see how many gallons you have pumped, and see how many miles you have made on your car.
    Then, make your calculations.

  3. It's impressive how some V12's can use not much more fuel than a 4 pot 1/3 their size. Many people with an XJS V12 which was either 5.3 or 6.0 liters can get well over 20mpg at full cruising speeds.

  4. Okay, let's look at a 2015 S class. 60000.00 and 900-1100 a month plus insurance and gas. Now a 2007-07 S600 at 25000.00 and a payment of 470.00 plus insurance and gas. A newer 2015 with half the amenities where the S600 has everything. Look at the maintenance on both you will come to the same conclusion I did. It's better to have the 2007 S 600. Cost 145000.00 over the 2015 cost 96000.00 car. Oh and buying used most 2015 have 45-60 K miles while 2007 are about 45-50 miles. I'd rather have the old school with night view and not look like everybody else. I didn't grow up with a silver spoon, But in my lifetime wouldn't mind having the 2007-08 loaded at 60 years old than a Honda. 11/28/18 What a road car plus your passengers can kick in gas money. Lol

  5. My 2003 S430 averages 23MPG and who knows if the spark plugs have ever been done. The plugs are on hold since the car was wrecked.

  6. My Mk2 RS is doing well if it gets 24mpg…but it’s a 2nd car running just over 400bhp, so fuel mileage isn’t important. Had numerous TVRs (British sports cars..Google if you don’t know them), and some of those averaged single figures 🙂

  7. What a beautiful car, I see very few of these V12 Mercs about in the UK as the petrol is the equivalent of $7.90 for a UK gallon they're hard on the wallet.

  8. That sounds about right. I got 21mpg on the highway with mine. Totally right about the maintenance too. My experience after driving 23,000 miles (46,000 total on the car), has been that I never drive further than about a 50 mile radius from my dealership. So not much fun really. From one owner to another, be ready for the coolant o-rings at the turbos to start leaking (44,000 miles). That job isn't really a DIY since the whole drivetrain needs to come out of the car. My indie charged $3800 which was a great price since the dealer price was $12k-$15k. While he was in there, we changed the motor mounts too. One was compressed, so it was a good idea to change them both. The ABC system threw a pulsation damper at 36,000 miles and just blew the replacement at 46,000 miles which is what is expected with the pulsation dampers by what the dealer tells me. The power steering hose blew at 45,900 miles which was way overdo based on what the dealer said. Now, the transmission goes into limp in mode after driving on the highway. I'm told that is the transmission conductor plate – also told by the dealer that these go out all the time and I was lucky to still have the original. Basically, this has the reliability of a very high-strung supercar (or maybe a little worse 🙂 )

  9. I thought my focus ST170 did bad MPG. It does 15mpg around town, 25mpg if I'm on a long cruise and drive very carefully. Our petrol here in the UK costs £1.20 per ltr, and because my car only takes 97ron petrol, its even more at upto £1.30 per ltr. Be thankful your petrol is so dam cheap…

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