How I Drove My 2001 Honda Odyssey with a Bad Transmission – EricTheCarGuy

How I Drove My 2001 Honda Odyssey with a Bad Transmission – EricTheCarGuy

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As the title implies this is how I drove my 2001 Honda Odyssey for almost a year with a bad transmission. Mind you I wasn’t driving this every day just now and again on the back roads when I needed to get somewhere. It is true that my first rebuild of this transmission didn’t work out too well but I have gone back again and done a ‘proper’ rebuild on it that has been somewhat successful so far, I still have an issue with it slipping going into third but I plan to keep at it till it’s fixed. Should you have this problem remember this is only a temporary ‘fix’ to get you where you need to go, the truth is that you’re going to need a remanufactured transmission OR have someone rebuild yours, there’s really no way around it. BTW I tried Lucas and it didn’t work.

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28 thoughts on “How I Drove My 2001 Honda Odyssey with a Bad Transmission – EricTheCarGuy

  1. This reminds me of bringing my car to a mechanic complaining about a problem and when we test drive it, it doesn’t do it. Lol

  2. Hey Eric im trying to install an external transmission cooler for a 2000 Honda Odyssey the problem I have is knowing which cooler line at the bottom of the radiator is the return line.
    can you help please?

  3. Hello Eric, I have 2002 Honda Odyssey exl with 200,000 Miles on it. Today i saw TCS light on with my Drive indicator flashing. I have pulled out some codes P0700, P0705, P0706,P0740 and P0780. Do you have any idea?

  4. Eric…question for you. just had a transmission cooler installed. it appears the tech…mounted the thing between the Radiator, and the AC Condenser. In other words…not 'In front' of those components…facing the open air. i am gobsmacked. is this still going to work? i would think if it's up against the radiator…it will only gather heat from that component, thus defeating the entire purpose. any help here? thank you

  5. My 2003 works fine for a minute or two then seems like it's in neutral. I think they call it a false neutral. I wish the hell I could figure it out! I'm guessing it's a solenoid. But which one?

  6. I got 1 sitting in my drive way right now same issue. Where did you buy the rebuild kit for yours? I've never rebuild a transmission before I have many many motors of all sizes even v10 n 12s and damn northstar 🤬. Wondering since I have much experience in pretty much all aspects of vehicle repair. Besides just replacing one and filter and fluid flushes etc how difficult is the rebuild? Also where you got your Honda ATF or what you used instead. It's only has 95k on it damn shame it just sitting there rotting away I only paid 1500 for it. Everything else works as it should

  7. That’s a second generation Honda Odyssey (1999-2004). My parents had a 2004 Honda Odyssey, I don’t remember it having transmission issues. In 2002, Honda added a 5 speed, I heard that tho use can have issues but the one we had never had issues as far as I know.

  8. Hey guy's I have a question…my 2005 honda odessey is revving up to about 4000rpm before shifting and then when it shifts it shifts hard any ideas??

  9. @EricTheCarGuy I have heard that replacing the transmission entirely will result in another damaged transmission due to the engine (on my 2003 for example) being too powerful and essentially mismatched to the original or even replacement ones. Is this true? Any clues?

  10. Any recommendations for a P0740 code? My dads 2003 Odyssey won’t pass inspection. Was told from a few mechanics the trans is shot. It one shifts hard from 1st to 2nd. Saw some videos lately. The videos are say to change solenoids. Think this will solve the problem? I know that’s a loaded question.

  11. After the car cools down, transmission will shift normally until it heats up, 2005 and up transmissions are better and last about 240K miles, my 2005 van about 400k miles on it lots of towing, Texas heat and stop and go traffic, same engine, 2nd transmission and countless engine mounts.
    That is why a transmission cooler is critical for hot climate and honda cars, I install them on any honda I buy from now on.

  12. But I luv my ody 😭😭😭😭😭 but I know this is what's going on with mine too. Transmission is going. Got 186k so far.

  13. I have a Honda accord 2001 v6 I change the pressure solenoid and now my transmission don’t want chift I don’t know why I do a manual. transmission chief hard And make a big noise like a song thing go Brock My Honda highway 143.000 miles

  14. My mom owns one. I hated it so I just took her keys and I shifted the transmission up and down alot of times and it got stuck in reverse
    Never felt bad about it

  15. E- man! You're the man. I have a 2000 odyssey and my situation is no 4th. When I stay out in 4 or will take me up to 4 and sometimes hold but mostly it doesn't. The times that it does I find myself around 40mph with no power and I look down and see just as I start to hear the revving at about 7 grand doh! My question I'd in third gear I'm going about 75 to 80 mph at about 3000 to 32-3300 RPMs. Didn't get the owner's manual so I'm not sure how safe these revs are to be operating at these rates. I'm using a synthetic oil high grade Castro l. It's got 142 on it just like yours. Am I pushing it. Thanks keeping my fingers clean for now. 🤔

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