How To Install a Cargo Carrier on Your Vehicle

In this video I show you how to install a cargo carrier on your vehicle. I use a 2012 Honda Odyssey in this video, but the information will apply to pretty much any vehicle with a roof rack installed.

In previous videos, I’ve demonstrated how to install roof rails and cross bars on this Odyssey.

How To Install Roof Rails Honda Odyssey:

How To Install Cross Bars on Your Vehicle:

With the information in these videos you should be able to increase the cargo capacity of your vehicle substantially.

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Link to the Cargo Carrier I used:

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40 thoughts on “How To Install a Cargo Carrier on Your Vehicle

  1. Thanks a lot for your video. Bless you and bless all the people who are watching this video, and God save you and your family of Coronavirus and save of becoming Godzilla team.

  2. Great video! I must say, this roof box is tedious. I’ve seen roof boxes which simply screw on from the inside onto the rails. Will cost more but so much more easier to put on/off. Warning: don’t buy rails until you know which roof box you need otherwise you many need different rails based on your vehicle. Not all boxes have the compatible dimensions to all rails.

  3. Great video, you saved me from returning this! Couldn't understand why the holes wouldn't line up on my Odyssey, never thought to drill. FYI 5'6 lady who did this by herself with just a ladder 🙂

  4. Hi‼️
    Odyessey is the most complicated for roof usage.I wonder if you you can find Solution to install Solar Panels/ panel.
    I learned a lot from your Roof rails/ Cargo Carrier installation Videos.
    You are great Professional man. Thanks agai
    2014 Odyessey fan.

  5. Thanks so much! We had a cargo carrier that fit our old car but not our newer one! We drilled some holes and it is all set to go! I was afraid to use a drill in case I messed it up, but if it didn't fit it wasn't of any use anyway! Now we will have more room on our trip! Great tutorial!

  6. So question when you arent traveling and you want to take the box off do you just reverse order and take off the screws on each 4 corners?

  7. Thank you i just bought one but it does not have the hardware 😔 also do not have the crossbars😳🥴 am going to have to risk it to place it directly on roof, i will apply rubber drawer liner material to help on sliding, and add bungy cords across and crossed 🤞🏼 hopefully it will be fine!!😬😬
    living in my van during pandemic by choice since having to reemploy myself!! 🤔🧐 it will be 👌🏼 ok God watches over all of us!!!

  8. what a complete PIA. I was going to buy one of these because it was cheap. When I found out you have to use Ubolts to attach it, cancelled the order and bought a used Yakima…on and off in 5 minutes

  9. I got two Roof Boxes here at our garage. My dad had an attitude of buying loads of trash before. Thanks to this vid, now i know what to do with them! I’m subscribing bcuz of this! Thanks man!!

    From Philippines!

  10. You made that look easy! Thank you, Just bought a roof box and needed a pro to just talk me through it. You have a great presence and engaging delivery style.

  11. I did the roof rack, crossbars, and carrier utilizing these videos! Such a huge help,
    Has anyone felt that using additional straps were needed or helpful just to keep it secure or would that be a waste?

  12. I saw a lot of reviews but only THIS installation. Mine is several years old and I forgot how it went together as I only have used it once. This video was quick but very descriptive. THANK YOU !!!!

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