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I really enjoyed making this video and I LOVE driving my Element at night now. This video is a step by step process of how to install one of these kits. I’ve put in some what I hope are helpful hints along the way to make the job easier for you. Here are the links mentioned in the video including the one for the kit that I used. Remember be sure to check your local laws concerning installing a kit like this before you commit just to be sure you’d be in compliance.


8000K HID kit used in the video:

Adjusting Headlights video:

Automatic Center Punch:

Universal drill bit:

Universal drill bit #2:

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  1. Planning to replace my stock honda jazz(fit) headlight with a honda jazz(fit) headlight,having problem rewiring hid connection,cant find a decent electrician near my area and have basic knowledge in electronics,been watching your show for quite sometime now, esp. with honda vehicle,hope you can send me basic basic wiring diagram so how can my HID HL to my stock halogen HL?thank you for your suppport CarGuy👍,Keep it up Sir👌

  2. I use HID on my 01 Celica, I have aftermarket setup because the OEM runs around 1k usd if you can find one. I don’t blind anyone as I have aftermarket projector/halo housings designed for HID lighting haven’t been flashed or had any problems I run 12000k bulbs on a 35w system

  3. Just order a set of HIDs, so glad to find this video. I will watch it again once they arrive. Thanks for anticipating a basic/common upgrade. Sorry to see you had to do a 2nd video, Re:
    Anyway, I got my kit, installed it and I don't get any focused pattern, like you did.. I put them on a 300ZX with a projection type housing. Mine did not come with the extra housing that yours did. I tried adjusting them twice inside and outside my garage.
    Any ideas on what I could do to get a focused pattern?

  4. I think this video has the highest ratio of any of your vids with the arm chair mechanics/experts coming out to show their ass. lol

  5. I have a crv of the same year (which is the same rolling chassis) and I actually am currently installing an hid kit and new headlights. I bought a smaller battery (in size) so I have more room next to that headlight. Another option is to reroute the battery to the rear.

  6. I promise to leave the real auto repairs to pro's if you promise to leave the aftermarket installs to pro's. That install was awful, but informative. Cheers mein.

  7. Problem with you Morons that Think that drivers approaching you have illegal headlights is that you haven’t bothered to clean the interior of your windshield, therefore you get more glare from Any headlight, especially from bright colors.  In addition to reading Trash like below !

  8. Chris is installing the H4 equal. If you install a H7 or a H1 Hi-Beam only they are wired different, and the hi-beam takes longer to get to maximum brightness, meaning that you have to rely on the H4 equal until the hi-beam heats up properly.

  9. In answer to Sumantra Sarathi Hembram:- HID bulbs will last longer than a regular Quartz Halogen globe provided they are mounted correctly and have no movement, and provided that they get no moisture on them. My set installed in my car have been in it for about 2 years with absolutely no problems at all.

  10. When fitting HID's to a vehicle you HAVE TO realign the headlights. They will always be aimed TOO high and will need to be re-aligned a lot lower. Also, in Australia it is illegal to fit HID's to a vehicle that doesn't have the HID option or a vehicle that has no headlight adjustment from inside the vehicle.

  11. To protect from rust when you have to drill a hole you could use clear nail-polish if you don't have paint. I used it around bolts on my car after removing rust and it stays nice after all those years

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