How To Install Cross Bars on Your Vehicle

In this video I show how to install cross bars on a 2012 Honda Odyssey. In a previous video I showed how to install the roof rails on this vehicle.

How To Install Roof Rails Honda Odyssey:

With the cross bars installed, this technically becomes a “roof rack” which can be used to install a number of cargo carrying devices. I will be installing a cargo carrier on this vehicle in a future episode.

How To Install a Cargo Carrier:

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Link to Cross Bars I used in this video:

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Author: Rafael


26 thoughts on “How To Install Cross Bars on Your Vehicle

  1. We installed these rails & racks on our 2017 Honda Odyssey. So, glad we had this video! The directions that come with it do not explain the details that Eric points out! So glad we found these videos on Odyssey rails and racks! I watched the videos, ordered the parts. My husband & a buddy installed the rails and racks. Good investment! Thank you Eric! Appreciate your video!

  2. What size of bolts are you use for crossbar installation? I bought Crossbar on Amazon year ago and I just noticed the screws are missing.

  3. Hi, I watched your video on roof rails and then one on cross bar, great work, really led me by the hand through the install process. After I downloaded the instructions as you noted, things went well. Thanks a million. Question: When I installed the crossbars I noticed that there was some "play" between the cross bars and the rails. You can move them up and down a bit; that is, things are not tight and snug, so I wonder if I amgoing to hear some vibration from them in the wind as well as whether they are tight enough to hold the weight I put on them? I fear tightening the 8 screws too tight to make a snugger fit as they are in aluminum and might break the threads with something like an impact drill, etc. Do you have suggestions on how to fix this looseness or is it supposed to be that way? Please illuminate as I know only you can do…..

  4. Hi Eric, I picked up a rental car, a Subaru with only a few hundred miles. It had a most annoying wind whistle at 30 MPH and faster. When I got to my hotel, took a quick look at the car and found that whoever had installed the OEM Subaru cross-bar had installed it backwards. It did not even look right. I had to buy a wrench and correct the error so I could drive the car, so I charged the rental company for the repair. I wonder how many complaints they had for that error.

  5. I was listening to a Bill Burr podcast today and he was talking about the few YouTube channels he watched and the only one he mentioned by name was Eric The Car Guy!

  6. It’s projects like this that most of us just do and don’t even think twice about we just do them. Thanks for putting out videos for those non car people that look to YouTube for help. Always enjoy your work.
    GearHeads Rule!

  7. What is with the trend of non adjustable crossbars? There are times that I would have to adjust the crossbars to fit whatever load I am using them for. Are people just not using crossbars anymore, so no one cares?

  8. The fact that there are people out there that would take the time to watch the video and give it a thumbs down is mind numbing. How could Eric have done it any better? Get a freaking life trolls!

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