How To Install the Best Fox Body Front Suspension

This video shows how to install front coil overs, tubular lower control arms, and adjustable upper strut plates on a Fox Body. Combined with a tubular K member, this is a great combination for a front suspension on these cars.

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Check out this article for a full overview of this fox body suspension:

Maximum Motorsports:

**Control arms can be purchased with different offsets. My control arms are 1.5″ forward offset with my tubular K member.

Control Arms:

Coil Over Conversion Kit:

Coil Over Installation Instructions:

Tokico Struts:

Camber Caster Plates:

Camber Caster Plate Installation Instructions:

My Tires:

My Wheels:×8-steel-wheels-for-car_1580486612.html

My Wheel Spacers:

My 5 Lug Conversion Kit:

Long Studs:

QuickTrick Alignment:

Prothane Grease:

Special thanks to Jack Hindley and Kolton Sinclaire for all their help.

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Camera: Brian Kast
Eric Cook

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Author: Rafael


38 thoughts on “How To Install the Best Fox Body Front Suspension

  1. I ended up purchasing Steeda weight jacker rear lower control arms that adjust like yours, Steeda makes a much stronger one it’s billet

  2. Eric I need your advice. I'm working on a 1986 Ford LTD (midsize) and I would like to install adjustable coil in the front and rear end. What would you recommend?

  3. I realize I’m a year and a half late to the party, but damn, I can’t believe you decided on coil overs after all that trouble putting those springs in the first time!

  4. Hi Eric. Love the videos . Are you ever gonna finish this project ? Cuz all i see it assembly then disassembly. And why are you using the fugly police wheel? The never looked good on any car including cop cars.

  5. You could go with a shorter front coil spring. I run a 12 inch spring and ran into the same problem. I use the spacer as well to clear mine but only temporary until i can get shorter springs.

  6. I ran UPR’s chromoly K member kit with chromoly adjustable A-arms, caster/camber plates, bump steer kit, coil over sleeve kit, strange 10 way dbl adjustable struts, manual rack and pinion, and limiters on front suspension. I was very, very happy with UPR parts that I even used their through the floor subframe connectors, their rear chromoly pro series kit with dbl adjustable uppers & lowers, spherical bushings, strange 10 way dbl adjustable rear shocks, and torque box reinforcement kit. I ran the rear with a -2 pinion angle and it hooked very well on the street when foot-braking and very, very well at the track when popping the trans-brake at around 4,250 rpms and a little bit of psi….

  7. Great video!! I got a 91 LX mustang and it still has the stock suspension the ass end is sagging and I am bored so I'm gonna tackle it, I was just gonna replace with stock parts, I hope you get a kick back from that suspension company as I am buying the exact same stuff because I am no mechanic and will need your videos the whole fucking way:) your videos helped me with 1979 f150, 1992 Taurus sho, 2008 dodge ram 3500, 2013 dodge grand caravan and now the 91 mustang thanks for the free help ERIC!!!

  8. Eric my man!!! Happy to have found you again!!! I remember I used to watch your videos back in college when i was broke as hell and I had my bucket 98 civic 6 years ago and when it would break down I used to watch your videos on how to fix certain things, I remember the struggle was real, thanks for all the help!!!!

  9. Hey does this move your engine I did a cut out on my hood and I dnt wanna install this and the engine be 2 inches forward or back just wondering thank you

  10. I'm running the same set up on my 1993 mustang. I went with P71 wheels since they fit perfectly in the back of my car, where I have 1999 Cobra IRS. I went with a hubcentric MM 1/2 inch spacer, and longer ARP studs. I also am using the long ARP studs on the rear, for the assurance of both safety, and passing tech. The long studs are the only thing people ever notice on my car. The will squat and look at the back wheel, looking at the studs, and not notice the AXLE NUT on the rear of the car, and ask why I have such long studs, lol!!

  11. Nice video but the wheel spacer thing really makes me rethink that set up. Is the rubbing caused from the k-members location and dimensions or the control arms? Would getting a different k-member or different control arm solve that issue?

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