How To Pull a Honda Front Caliper #SalvageYardHacks

This video shows how to remove a front caliper on a Honda at the salvage yard. Minimal tools on this one. All you should need is a 17mm and a 14mm to remove it. A pull like this can save you quite a bit of $$.

If you’re not familiar with Pull-A-Part, they’re a self service salvage company in the US. They have 25 yards in 12 states. I’m not just saying this, but they’ve become my favorite place to go for salvage parts. I suggest you check them out.

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47 thoughts on “How To Pull a Honda Front Caliper #SalvageYardHacks

  1. Eric, do you have instructions for the 93 short bed Chevy pu. Can’t pull bk of seat forward. Is there a trick. No side handle. Have to get to crank for spare n it’s stuck

  2. I am owner of a Honda Civic sedan -97. This car has standing outside in snow and rain for 2 years. I live in Sweden and it´s cold here. My problem is that I can´t change headlights because the wire is stucked. I´ve looked at many videos and everyone just take it away without problems. What to do ? Use some violence or tool or electric spray? I love my car and has looked at your videos how to change fuel filter. It worked but I had to spray 5-56 on the bults, they were also stucked. But this is no good for electric using

  3. Lol at all these comments saying how dangerous it is to use a used caliper. This video is meant for people who are broke as a joke, and can only afford $20 for a repair. Is it ideal? Nope, but you've got to work with what you have. It's just like using used tires, it's not ideal but it's $100 vs $30.

  4. First time I ever changed my brakes I had no clue what to remove. I just loosened fasteners I thought needed done and checked to see what wiggled and moved on from there. Good ole trial and error method 🙂

  5. I bet I know someone, other than myself, that wouldnt put junkyard brake parts on there car. i guess safety cost's about $15.00.these days,unbelievable.

  6. Eric the scrap mechanic. Sorry Eric but I would rather to have seen you informing people on what to look for and watch out for when picking a second hand caliper.

  7. I never understand people that get upset with sponsored material on a channel that is composed almost entirely of quality, car repair content. You're watching these videos for free, and a good percentage are using ad-block, significantly reducing a youtuber's revenue, which forces them to rely more heavily on sponsored material. LIKE IT OR NOT, ADS KEEP THIS SITE AFLOAT.

  8. The low cost of re manufactured with a lifetime warranty at local auto parts stores it is not worth wasting your time with junk yard stuff unless you are really poor.

  9. If your in a pickle and low on money. This is what the junk yards for. Or your cars a POS not worth buying new parts for.

  10. if you need good lightly used honda parts i have a 1992 5 speed accord with 129,000 miles on it that i am getting ready to haul to the foundary most everything on the car is still mint too, not sure where you are but if not too far from Nashville i might be able to work something out. I have the car on craigslist right now but all i have gotten so far is check scammers interested in it

  11. Always the easy way, Tools galore. The best way to go… Mean time I'd bring my big breaker bar and some other tools I wouldn't need. Nice planning Eric.

  12. One valid comment and one of my own: Yes please make sure the piston isn't rusted in place and froze. That does suck when you get home (don't ask…..) And please PLEASE!! Crack the bleeder open and shut before you go through all that trouble (again…don't ask)….

    Keep in mind that the bulk (about 95% or more) of all fluids are extracted before these cars see a pick and pull type yard. Everything they can extract in a quick and efficient manner they do. Our local yards sell used (tested good) batteries, antifreeze (filtered)…Oil gets burned in the shops for their heat. Really not a lot goes to waste. The stuff they can't use or sell on site will go to a recycle center where it's disposed of correctly. Contrary to what "Hollywood" would have people think in a "Capt Planet" world… Most companies do this stuff and do it right.

  13. Personally I would not bother with a used caliper unless it is rare and you're going to rebuild it anyway. Remanufactured ones for most cars are cheap enough to not bother with used.

  14. It's going to cost a fortune in Evaporust to restore that caliper ; )  . Your videos make my day. Yeah I'm retired with lots of free time at 78 years old. Thanks for the great videos…Ken…. Marina, CA

  15. It would be best to fully compress the caliper prior to removing it from the vehicle. Calipers are useless if they are frozen. And it would be a shame to find that out at home.

  16. Just replaced a right front caliper+bracket on 2002 Sienna. Cost $53 new from AutoZone. Used brake parts are like used condoms, pretty worthless.

  17. I never use Salvage Yard parts for Brakes. OMFG  A 2014 Honda Accord Front Caliper is $80. What year is his Vigor? (assuming it's for his car) "Saving some money" is no compromise for safety.  If it's something you can't rebuild such as a frozen, rusty piston- why go waste your money and safety on another dangerous, rusty POS. When rusty and pitted- brake caliper pistons can not be "sanded down". They are usually chrome plated, so the square cut ring slides and seals properly. I defended this Guy's welded ball joint- because it was only temporary. Salvage yard budget brakes are going stupid, false economy.,2014,accord,3.5l+v6,3306143,brake/wheel+hub,caliper,1704

  18. Is it really legal in the USA to let the brake fluid just drip on the ground like that? Wow, you'd get fined big time for treating the environment like that. Same as with oil.

  19. Getting ready to do a brake and rear suspension job on my '00 Chevy Camaro. Haven't even slept yet and it's gonna be a long morning. Damn.

    btw, 48 seconds. A new record.

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