How To Remove Oxidized Paint

I’m not a professional detailer, but when I got this 1994 Acura Legend Coupe 6 speed, I thought it might be time to try my hand and repairing oxidized paint. It didn’t require a big investment in tools and materials, but it did take quite a bit of time. In fact, I spent 2 days on the car and I could probably spend 2 more.

I hope this information will be helpful to you if your vehicle also has issues with the paint.

One final note. The paint on these cars was actually pink. The clear coat had the final pigment that created what Honda calls, Milano Red. Therefore I didn’t want to go too far during the repair process for fear that I might change the color. In fact, there were a couple of areas where this started to happen.

I think in order to truly restore this cars finish, it would be best to respray the roof, hood, and deck lid after removing all the dents. This car doesn’t have any rust so perhaps one day I’ll make that investment. Till then, I’m going to be happy with my shiny red car that I call Scarlett Johansson.

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24 thoughts on “How To Remove Oxidized Paint

  1. Honda's red paint always does that. I had a red 2005 Civic and without some wax it almost looked grey more than red. Yet, the plastic bumbers were still shiny.

  2. You were dragging that dirty power cord all across the paint bruh!! Whew come on man even a rookie knows to keep the cord up over your shoulder SMH…

  3. You won’t believe how well and how fast “magic eraser” will remove oxidation. Then do a ceramic coat afterwards when you’re done for at least a year.

  4. very closely resembling my experiences with home buffing/polishing. car is almost the same colour, no clear coat. same product, almost the same buffer, and virtually the same result as what I got with my red car. nothing that I can really be proud of, but it's always wise to know when paint is too far gone. "bringing it up a little" is good, but it'll never be perfect, short of a quality respray or a wrap.

  5. get some hd at 501 hybrid compound polish and a medium course cutting pad..ur moving way to fast ..slow 50 percent overlapping passes cross cutting crank that polisher up max speed..finish of with a good polish i like redball and a fine polishing disk

  6. i can see this working on a single stage paint but no way with clear coat and most all cars and trucks have been using that for many ,many years.

  7. change your pads or clean it after every panel. and crank it up to speed 6. it dont cut on low speeds. low speeds for applying wax

  8. Youre right, every time I go to sell a car (or virtually anything), I detail heavy and get top dollar – assuming mechanically everything is sound. My oxidized hood's been a pain for a few years. Ive compound/polish/wax, and oxy starts back in weeks. I'll step it up with a clay bar, orbital polisher (Porter Cable, middle road to pro, and gently used off eBay), foam pads, the better compound and polish, and a sealant. Then my problem will be, my whole fam will want me to detail their cars and trucks. I better say I took it someplace deeply expensive, out of town. lol You got a nice looking car now, keep it waxed. cheers

  9. Does this get paint off to original coat the compound pad I used a wool pad and set my polisher to 6 and put pressure on it and I see it got it down to original layer but it would take lot longer to take it down to original paint level with my truck in the front part of my truck.

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