How To Replace a Honda K Series Serpentine Belt Tensioner

Is your Honda K series making a horrible screeching noise? It might be the serpentine belt tensioner. In this video I show you how to replace a bad serpentine belt tensioner on a Honda K series engine. I’m doing this job in a 2004 Honda Element, but this method should work for most Honda K series engines.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find the info on my former tensioner that went bad. This is the one I replaced it with.

Dayco Tensioner:

Hopefully it lasts longer than its predecessor. For best results, I recommend the Honda part, but it does come at a price.

Honda Tensioner:;et=2%2c5)&Location=engine-mounting-bracket,3066271,4

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Author: Rafael


40 thoughts on “How To Replace a Honda K Series Serpentine Belt Tensioner

  1. So how's that Dayco tensioner holding up? I have to do the belt tensioner on my 03 RSX Base, and the Dayco is much less expensive than the Continental, but not a lot of reviews.

  2. Did i miss it or does no one talk about the little triangle and the square and line that’s on the tensioner that if comes outta line your supposed to change? I’m not sure this is true someone help me

  3. With all the different cameras angles I wonder how the cameras plastics must look being around all the engine compartments. And oils. Just saying because i bet those cameras cost alot.

  4. I did it without removing engine mount, just removed tensioner's pulley and it gives room to remove tensioner, then did backwards: tensioner, pulley, PSP. It's making work easier and faster.

  5. Anyone please chime in. Placing a support on oil pan is not a good ideal. The Oil Pan gasket will be compressed.
    Once you pulled the support out from the Oil Pan,you will later be getting oil leaks.

    Remember those Oil Pan's Bolts were torque down to correct amount.
    Because supported something that weights more then 90kg will deformed the gasket.
    Now bolts have not move at all & Oil Pan is now at non-compressed state…ending results with oil leaking out.

  6. Great Video and glad I watched. Same Caahh (Boston) and I have to get to that VTEC screen/filter behind the Power Steering pump and now I at least know what I'm going to come across. Thanks ETCG

  7. @Ericthecarguy i changed the tensioner assembly its all quiet until i put it on Drive and move the steering wheel that the new tensioner rattles and makes noise. What do you think i did wrong.

  8. You dont have to take the whole motor mount out just the three bolts on top lift the bracket off and use a small rachet with a 12 long drive to get to that lower tensioner bolt. Remember to support the engine first.

  9. Would you suggest just changing the pulley? I bought a used auto-tensioner for my K20 Jackson Racing Supercharger setup and thought I could get by with just changing the pulley.

  10. Did you use OEM tensioner? I tried replacing the tensioner but the belt keeps shifting over 2 teeth idk what the problem could be. Yes he belt is the right one. Yes the tensioner is new. Yes the belt is on the right path. No nothing wiggles it just slides off after 20-30 minutes of use

  11. Man this video saved my butt, the stealership wanted 530 bucks for this with parts…i got the whole tensioner ans a belt for a hundo. Looks like it can break four more times before ice reached the dealers price!!! Eric youre the man!!!! Thanks for the video, my 06 crv never sounded so saucy!!!!

  12. I have a 2017 Accord 6 speed Manuel I have had to have my tensioner fixed twice since I've owned the car. It would make a loud whining sound. I have the new direct injection K Series. I'm not sure what my opinion is on the new direct injection K Series

  13. I did the same thing with my rsx but now the belt isn't lined up straight, it squeaks while driving when its reset, then at high rpms the belt jumps and then isn't aligned right with the grooves. Any ideas?

  14. Eric, why does the new part need to be well new instead of just replacing the pulley itself or the bearing inside? Also I’ve done my serpentine belt on my car thanks to your videos and an idler pulley. Wasn’t easy on a big v8 but it was easier access but not much wiggle room to route the belt back on towards the bottom of the engine. Only had to remove the battery

  15. Hey Eric what is that hood light mount thing you are using called. It looks really handy and I would like to purchase one because I find myself working on my car at night a lot and i dont have a garage!! Thanks!

  16. Eric, I need your help…I watch this video on YouTube about how to tell which wheel bearing is bad on a car and I determined the front right based on this guys video. The noise goes away when turning right and gets worse when turning left. I replaced the front right on my CB7 which as you know is no easy task and now I have the same symptoms but it has always sounded like it’s coming from the front left. Should I just replace the front left wheel bearing and eat the cost or could it be something else. I should post a video so you can see it, or hear it actually.

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