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In this video I replace the starter on a 2006 Honda Odyssey. It’s not that bad a job, you don’t even have to lift the vehicle. There are a few tips in this one you’ll find useful however, like the warnings about the radio and navigation codes. If you don’t have these a simple starter job can turn into a quite ride while using a fold up map to find out where you’re going. Just in case I also made a video on how to retrieve a navigation code should you not be able to find yours, link to that below. As always, I hope you find this information useful and entertaining.

Starter Diagnosis:

No Crank, No Start:

Check the Battery Cables:

J Series Timing Belt Video:

How To Retrieve Your Navigation Code:

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48 thoughts on “How To Replace a Starter 2006 Honda Odyssey -EricTheCarGuy

  1. Hello brother Eric,
    I have Honda Odyssey 06. Last week I was driving highway and suddenly I realized my van RPM going up n down. Then stop roadside open the hood and found transmission fluid spread all over the engine. Also found fluid are smell and dark. Then I bought 3 ATF transmission fluid then drive home around 70 miles. Then next day buy transmission fluid from dealer and others flush out. After change fluid when I was driving transmission gear misbehave. Then I don't drive for 5days. After 5 days start again now no problem running good. Even I drove 70/75 ml/h no problem. Van mileage is 155k. Should I change transmission filter and clean the solenoid valve ,put it back.? I'm not mechanic but learning from you, but I've tools and courage to do it from your inspiration. Thanks.

  2. My ‘06 Odyssey starter just quit on me at a gas station and Trip A came out and did the diagnostics and he couldn’t get it to start. Hopefully, my husband can fix it by following your instructions.

  3. Thank you for the video. Replaced starter on 2005 Odyssey today, followed the instructions to a T, except had to come at the back battery tray bolt from underneath, as there was no room to maneuver a wrench up top.

  4. Thanks. Good camera angles. Very helpful. Not replacing the starter, but needed to know how to access the positive cable to starter from below. (Keys only fit ignition, not door locks, so fob is the only way into the vehicle – but the battery drained last night so I need to momentarily "boost" the car to get the remote control receiver powered to recognize the fob unlock command and pop the doors. Then, I'll be in and able to pop the hood. What a PITA.)

  5. Thank you so much! This was extremely helpful, and allowed me to replace my starter all by myself, and saved me hundreds of dollars! I've now subscribed and will look for helpful videos from you for all my auto repair needs! Well Done.

  6. Hi Eric…i just changed my starter on my 2005 Honda oddyssey tried saving money by buying the remanufactured one ..autozone did test my old one and it was bad…but the new one worked OKAY it's only been a WEEK but now when I go to START it shakes the ENTIRE engine BAY and it tries once..fails or I just don't want to HOLD it long…works the second time…shaking GOES away once it STARTS..any idea's..THANKS

  7. great video. took me ~2.5 hours, including the trip to the store to buy the starter, and two trips to the neighbor to borrow some tools….

    I didn't remove the air box and the tray came out pretty easy. Well, easy relative. I agree it is ridiculous overkill mounting of a battery tray.

  8. This video is also great for getting at the neutral safety switch to fix code P1717. That battery tray is a bitch if you don't know how to get out those lower bolts. Thanks Eric.

  9. Sorry, Eric: is there something you need to do regarding the alarm, after the battery is hooked back up? I left the lights on once, and the battery was so dead, that the power door lock wouldn't work. As soon as I attached a battery charger, the alarm went off. In a case like that, did the alarm sound because it was still able to maintain a "secured" state, despite the almost complete absence of power, then interpret the open hood as a security violation? Thanks.

  10. Removing the battery tray was pain in the neck. Why so many bolts in hard to get to places? Otherwise it was a simple fix, got my '05 Odyssey up and starting again

  11. Thanks so much for this clear video. I was suddenly stranded in the parking lot of Advance Auto with a no start starter on a Sunday afternoon at 4 pm: watched this video once through, bought a new starter and a few tools and drove away just over 2 hours later!

  12. Your video's are sooo thorough You are a credit to your profession. I agree with a previous comment. The bolts holding on the starter are scary tight. My cheater bar (pipe) was 3 foot long and I barely broke the bolts loose.

  13. Thank you very much! You saved me $250 in labor cost. I bought a starter online for $85, watched your video a few times, and almost exactly two hours later…fixed and running. I am not a mechanic, but after successfully completing this simple job I will certainly try more wrenching in the future. The only tool I wish I had would be a ratcheting wrench for that hard to reach bolt. My Oddy has 178K miles and this is the 2nd replacement starter.

  14. Haha! First try, 2 hours. Hardest part was the bolts on the starter. Breaker bar required. Snapped a 3/8th extension bar, but started with conviction. Very satisfying. Thank you very much for your help. No skin grafts needed with the open hand technique.

  15. Great video! Super helpful and clear. I am not all that mechanically inclined and this job was a little bit outside of my comfort zone but this video gave me the confidence to do it.

  16. What better way to spend a sub-freezing day than change my starter while parked on the street? Many many thanks for this video – saved me much time. My tips/lessons – I used a 750mm breaker bar to get the 17mm bolts loose, and my only real issue was when re-installing the tray the front bolt – literally the easiest bolt to get to, would not start no matter how much I cussed, swore, threw things (j/k) until finally it got loose and dropped underneath; 3 bolts is good enough. Total time – about 3 hours (which includes 30 minutes of swearing at the aforementioned bolt). An offset, fine-tooth, ratcheting 12mm wrench would be best for the back lower battery tray bolt (mine is course-toothed but got the job done). For reference, the car is 11 years old with 210,000 miles and was on the original starter.

  17. This was exactly the video I needed! I watched it a couple times, made notes along the way for steps, and just finished replacing my starter. No surprises, except finding out that my loaned out 3/8" socket wrench & extension was never returned, but what's an automotive project without the purchase of an additional tool right?

    Great video, much appreciated!

  18. Awesome job on video Eric! This worked on my 2005 Odyssey also and saved me $175 labor that my mechanic wanted. I got the top starter bolt out with my impact but the bottom one wouldn't budge even with impact. Had to use my 1/2" ratchet and a 3' pipe on the handle for leverage to get it to crack loose. Finished it in about 3hrs ….would've taken the day with your video so thanks again and……Stay Dirty! 🙂 PS….You might want to pick up some of the Black latex gloves from Harbor Freight. They're cheap enough and being like 8-9mil., they don't tear as easily as the white ones used in you're video's.

  19. Thank you sir! You made changing the starter possible for me and saving us some major cash on the wifey's Ody. Stay Dirty my friend…

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