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When I got my new TIG welder I was fortunate enough to have Mr. Tig there to show me how it works and how to work it. This video shows the basic set up and operation of a TIG welder and I hope it helps those of you that are interested in TIG welding. I know that I’m going to enjoy my new welder even more now that I have a better idea how to use it.

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50 thoughts on “How to Set Up and Use a TIG Welder with Mr. Tig -EricTheCarGuy

  1. Thats the problem with all the different TIG welders. Everyone of them setup differently. In order to understand all TIG welders you must learn and know every different setting available .

  2. AGREE with m3chinist! I have yet to purchase a machine, I'm wanting to know what I need to look for in a machine before I buy one. Up here in the frozen north the entry price for a basic machine is $2500! Can't afford to buy the wrong machine

  3. Damn them fans are so loud and your not even welding. Why dont you start your fans on low speed and then Bring them up to high speed during welds?

  4. Being I'm beginner I happen to enjoy this video very much I have no experience been around it all my life, all my friends Welded it didn't need to. I built the cars I built the engines you know where I'm going ,anyway never touch the damn machine now I want to,, now I'm 70 now I'm handicapped I still can do it screw everyone just cause you are older you don't lay around and die not me anyway.. I'm still productive being handicapped don't stop me I'm so excited I'm like a little kid in a candy store thanks for this video it's a big big help looking forward to more like this

  5. Unlike the rest of the peanut gallery here I thought your questions were very good and gave your excellent teacher plenty of material to work with, you guys made a good double act in the interests of education, I get it. Good stuff.

  6. Thinking of doing some stainless sculpture. I've buggered metal together and don't even pretend to know what I'm doing. As a total newbie, the "dumb questions" by pony tail guy were beneficial to me.

  7. the machine im using is completely different.. its a miller Dialarc HF with water tank and argon tank. Still dont know hownto set tig machine lol im a Mig welder btw

  8. Thanks for setting aside all reserves and asking the all the questions that came to mind.  I follow Mr. Tiggs channel, but this took the mystery out of many episodes.

  9. lol all these videos that you have guest stars in seem like they're irritated with you during the video Eric.

    This has been great information and I very much appreciate the resources that you've provided with this video, I'll be using a lot of this information. Thank you.

  10. Eric you are very disrepectful to the man teaching you how to weld. Your sarcasm and purposeful lack of enthusiasm shows your lack of appreciation to "Mr. Tig". You do not deserve such a teacher. You deserve a good ass kicking.

  11. can you just put the plug into a domestic household power source and start welding? Or do you need to use an industrial power source?

  12. Eric, I love you but, in this video you are annoying, the guy try to explain in his own words how the machine works but, you interrupting one and one and one again. The next time leave them finish the presentation. please. 

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