How To Square a K Member and Why It’s Important

This video starts by answering what K Member is. For those of you who may not know, the K member is the support for the engine and front suspension on some vehicles.

This video shows how to ‘square’ the K member in your vehicle. I demonstrate this on a Ford fox body, but this procedure is pretty much universal for all vehicles. In fact, you could use this to check how square your vehicle is with the procedures shown in this video.

Here are the instructions for installing and squaring a K member from Maximum Motorsports:

My K member:

My K member spacers:

Maximum Motorsports:

Special thanks to Jack Hindley and Kolton Sinclaire for all their help.

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31 thoughts on “How To Square a K Member and Why It’s Important

  1. So with this k member you have on your car, is it maximum motor sport? I’m looking for a adjustable one, since my one side of my car the wheels sticks out more the. The other and it has been in a accident, but only damage I seen on frame was right where the bumper supports go I don’t see any other damage or kinks, could just be the body off when they lined it all up but I want to see if I can maybe add a adjustable member and move it just the slightest bit to center it,

  2. Shitty thing is that fairmont chassis is used on all these cars even the fucking new edge, such a shit chassis that’s never straight

  3. Can you square a factory does k member? I don’t want a tubular, it’s not even safe as for accident and what not, and I don’t need no weight reduction, but I would like to know if Ford has any adjustability? Maximum motor sports says there is a bit

  4. Hey bro crossing fingers ill get a reply on a 3 year old video but its worth a shot. I'm going to be removing my oem k member to restore the finish and then reinstall the same oem k member ill this centering need to be done or is the oem a non adjustable unit and centering in your video is only something that needs to be performed with an aftermarket k member?

  5. I saw you had a spacer between the k-member and chassis. How did you approximate the vertical position of the k-member? If its a swap kit for a specific car, no sweat, but custom..?

  6. Installing a complete UPR K Member kit on my 78 Zephyr Sport Coupe. Very usefull vid. Wondering if I should use the rear bumper bolts ( on frame) as a mesuring point ? I might also use the tubular lower holes like you did. I actually might use 2-3 mesuring points on each side just in case the body twisted over the last 41yrs !!

  7. Someone may have mentioned it or perhaps I missed it in the video but if the car isn’t completely level on the lift/stands these measurements are off. Regardless I appreciate these videos, rebuilding a Fox right now.

  8. I just finished installing a Maximum Motorsports K Member into my Foxbody Mustang. Thank you for this video, it gave me the confidence to do it myself.

  9. Another well done video. Don't know if you mentioned it but the rockers should be pretty much parallel to the floor. Maximum Motorsports is the best stuff out there and their customer service is second to none.

  10. if your car dose turns this might be impotent but dont relay see the point ? if your just installing a k member for drag racing like im doing on my 94 mustang should just bolt up cant be that off the original k member was not slotted for adjustment i like to work on things as simple as possible not harder guess ill find out one way or the other lol good luck with your fox build

  11. I’m looking to buying this complete kit front and back my question is how hard if possible to install this with a floor jack in a garage with jack stands? On your back

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