I Fixed a Mechanically Totaled $700 Range Rover. Here’s How Much the Repairs Cost…

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After winning the bid on this Range Rover for just $700, we found out that the transmission was stuck in 3rd Gear. After a little searching we found the problem might not be that difficult to fix, but it wasn’t so cheap. Is it worth saving this cheap old Land Rover???

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43 thoughts on “I Fixed a Mechanically Totaled $700 Range Rover. Here’s How Much the Repairs Cost…

  1. Hopefully the tire guy invests some money eventually to upgrade some equipment. Even if he wants to still do it manually, there are way better options out there. His body will thank him in the long run.

  2. Going with the correct $300 solenoids was 1000% the correct decision. You would have been a fool to do the Chinese ones with all that labor, even paying yourself min wage.

  3. I change my own tires. I read there are two types of balance: static and dynamic. The balancer in this video will only do static. Some tires may still shake, I assume, if dynamic balance is not performed.

  4. I wish I had the guts to do something like this. 2100 dollars in for a car these days is nothing. It runs, drives, and you fixed it yourself. That's a deal. I'd restore the interior a bit spend a little on some detailing and paint correction and keep it.

  5. My brain melted watching those cowboys changing the tyres. Using manual levers, this stupid balancing thing and wheel weights made for steel wheels not for alloys! There are different wheel weights for alloys. Impacting wheel bolts unit FT. 😂 mobile tyre service is a thing when done right. This was a disaster, if they showed up to me I would send them TF away. Cowboys

  6. 9:25 Tested? Not likely. Dropped in dish soap and slung, yes. People just dont return items near enough so they price used parts so cheap most people eat the cost. Thats like 70% of 3rd party Amazon sellers entire business plan. No QA just hope they are lazy enough to not return.

    This is speculation but I think Amazon started to notice how bad it was making them look and added that tag to try and warn you and give pause to how much they have to eat on the return shipping for an item they may even have to pay to dispose of. Garbage is a negative balance by taking up space in a warehouse. In the same space you could have a sellable product.

  7. My dad used to sell wheel weights back in the 70's. He had a bubble balancer. They are ok but the spin balance is a tad more accurate. I also did the same process putting new tires on my own side by side. The hardest process is breaking the bead.

  8. Actually it is the opposite, smaller tires are way harder to mount, at least that has been my experience. 24" tires were way more difficult than 20's. Bummer code doesn't work for discount.

  9. I had a similar issue on my 4L 60 transmission on my trailblazer. Only changed the torque converter solenoid and it did the trick. Was previously stuck in third gear and now it works fine.

  10. I’ve got a bubble balancer and manual bead breaker. I rarely use it, but with mounting & balancing around $40/tire now… I might go back to doing it myself

  11. Great price and the only way an average person would take that transmission apart would be with all those Schematics that you have that is a scary scary fix for an average person

  12. I used a bubble balancer back in auto shop (1991) and really it's just as good…..provided you take your time with it and double check when finished. Low buck but does everything an expensive tool would.

  13. Sam, I love working on cars, but you do more than I would ever try. It's like you don't have a comfort zone and will attempt to fix anything. The more exotic, the better for you.
    Always appreciate and enjoy your ingenuity and hard work while never getting mad – like I often do working on cars!
    Keep up the great videos!
    And Merry Christmas to you and all your followers.

  14. I dont know why at USA tyre shop always have problematic review. Here in Malaysia you go to the shop. Wait 20 min and you are done with tyre change

  15. By accident I figured out how to set the sport mode shifting points in my BMW. Sitting still you put the transmission into drive. Then turn the car off. Then cycle the key on and off three times. With the key off. Put the car back into park. When you start it it should say program trans which is manual mode and every time you shift it locks in the shift point. So from that point on my BMW was a beast shifting at 4000 RPMs in sport mode. It had the ZF five speed in it. 15 years ago figuring that out made me a superstar on the seven series forum.

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