I Found a BLOWN HEAD GASKET in my $1,400 Range Rover! Will It Ever Run & Drive?

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After finding a blown head gasket in the $1,400 Clean Title Salvage Auction Land Rover Range Rover, we dig a little deeper to see if it will ever start again, and find multiple issues while we’re tearing it down.

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40 thoughts on “I Found a BLOWN HEAD GASKET in my $1,400 Range Rover! Will It Ever Run & Drive?

  1. Oil on the plugs is NOT head gasket. Like others have said, it's valve cover gasket. That much fresh oil would be burnt, not fresh

  2. You lot in the comments Quit complaining with 21 savage album this was owned by some young wannabe gangster wigga who most likely drove the car like shit to impress his mates and deffo didn't maintain it very well also 200k plus miles on petrol range rover is good the diesel versions are more popular in the UK They are known to run forever oh great content by the way new subscriber

  3. The oil mixing with water is probably head gasket failure. The oil on spark plugs could be valve seals leaking. And the timing chains are rattling. Maybe you could pull heads, have heads reworked, change timing gears and chain and install new head gaskets. Important to have heads rebuilt and pressure tested. My 2 cents. Good luck!!!

  4. Hey what did you do to get it to start? A car I just bought sounds just like yours did in the beginning, I changed the spark plugs and coils what else do I have to do

  5. Wait when you brought it to mike’s what did “2 things” did y’all do to have it start right up? You left that part out or I just missed it..

  6. go to rock auto online to get the parts and replace the head gasket it is a land rover and overheating problems are a problem with them and there will be significant problems that will occur if you do not replace it and the crank shaft if not already damaged will happen, I personally simply by passed the ignition inhibiter by cutting the black and orange color wires there are two going into the box strip and twist together, and I believe the oil in the spark plugs is do to the head gasket as you have more than one doing this.

  7. Currently facing the same steering wheel column problem, besides the 18 fuse you could use a quick disconnect on battery terminal, as mentioned create a switch, drill a hole in it somewhere, or easiest of all just don't remove the key

  8. Fix it correctly, or part it out. Selling that to anyone when you know it has serious problems without full disclosure puts your moral compass on display…. maybe it’s not a leaky head gasket….. perhaps the overheating problem actually cracked a cylinder head…. until you disassemble it and actually inspect it you are guessing, and trying to figure out how to give someone else the bone.

  9. In high school I drove a minivan that had a blown head gasket. It would smoke a lot worst than this so I would hurry up and try to start it before everyone got outside. It was embarrassing. It lasted for a few months and then I had to junk it. I miss it.

  10. GREAT WORK, fixing up a Classic 2004 Range Rover!! The Good Old Days!! Well Done!! These Old Cars are Better than the New Ones!!

  11. That oil filter error just screams “amateur hour”, not only because he didn’t put one in like he said, but he never switched to a new gasket either🤦🏼‍♂️

  12. fix it right! keep it or donate to local scout camp ranger. I am trying to learn from you. I use to install radio/phones in every type of vehicles and program them. mechanically challenged.

  13. I suspect that engine has a cracked block. For that engine oil to be so cream soupy and the noise the engine is making says excessive top end engine ware due to the contaminated oil. The other thing is your cooling system is going to over pressurize if you keep the pressure cap on. My honest opinion is that the engine is beyond practical repair.

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