I Saved my Mom from an Auto Repair Shop RIP-OFF then she was Cancelled

Link to THE Video: https://bit.ly/3sOLbSi

After my Stepmom got a quote for $914 to repair her Crown Victoria, I did a bit of investigating and found out the shop completely misquoted her. The fix cost around $20 and took 2 minutes to repair. I made this video and we wanted to share it, but her entire channel was taken down in the process.

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42 thoughts on “I Saved my Mom from an Auto Repair Shop RIP-OFF then she was Cancelled

  1. So messed up as her channel wasn't dirty at all the people making comments may of said dirty things but she never replied back with anything dirty. For youtube to take her channel down and remove all of her videos is uncalled for! They need to review and watch the video before they flag them like that. I bet they just get people reporting them and after so many reports it gets taken down.

  2. Dictator much Youtube… double standard! You can watch a disgusting 🤢 video as WAP but not other innocent videos

  3. Your speech raises some most important questions,

    1) Which head was your dad thinking with when he married your step mom?
    2) How much money did your dad “invest” in a suitable prenup?
    3) Would your step mom have had more subs if she didn’t say a word during her video’s?
    4) How much would Goggle stock drop if women couldn’t walk around nearly naked in some fashion on YouTube?

    We will probably never know the answers to these historic questions…..Sorta like the 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, wonders of the world.

  4. Just here to drop by to say even though I'm not a subscriber but i still pony up some cash to watch that video out of spite to youtube.

  5. WAP has so many views purely because its controversial and can make YouTube ad money, its capitalism plain and simple. Theres nothing controversial about a woman walking around with a bikini and it wont get as many views so why wouldn’t they demonetize it? YouTube will get their cake and eat it also, demonetizing videos like Corey’s allows them to point at it and explain to parents that they are “protecting” their children, yet they will throw their hands up in the air about WAP and explain that there is nothing they can do because the video has already entered the political and social controversial sphere due to reactionary media attempting to get a story. Both videos, WAP and Coreys (plus a variety of others) should remain monetized and the revenue should go to the creators who used their labor to produce a product that people consume.

  6. So tired of this big brother bullshit… and the level of hypocrisy is totally off the charts. Thanks for all the great content and the candid take, Samcrac.

  7. Uh oh, Samcrac is on the verge of being canceled, or censored at a minimum?! There are a ton of truth bombs in this one. We got your back, Sam! Keep up the good fight!

  8. Think the majority of fans incl myself preferred the videos from before this step mom joke has been introduced, the poll put up for the video had a lot of comments outlining this, I thought it might have been addressed here.. what a shame

  9. Tbh I’m surprised they haven’t taken you down for just being associated with her! But yes double standards always at play

  10. Ol Cory Chase, professional stepmom, not very good at appliance repair, seems to get stuck in dryers and under beds a lot.
    She is super cute, but it's probably like "throwing a hot dog down a hallway"

  11. Just get her a patreon. People will pay and its good to put your vids on different platforms. Don't be a slave to YouTube

  12. I paid a dollar to see the vidja and only got to see one minute before it froze and then the website couldn't be reached. Fuck Sam, I couldn't finish the video and it's all your fault. Your inability to finish anything with Corey is contagious

  13. Meanwhile, I was just made aware of another popular YouTuber "Belle Delphine" who apparently has had TONS and TONS of viewers, left for no reason, and came back. And came back to over 2 million subscribers – just like that! I would certainly call the few videos she's posted extremely provocative.

  14. Sam, I never knew you had a stepmom nor do I even know what her profession is. But you did give the biggest clue and i had planned not to entertain the clue and you said it at the end. Just keep up the awesome work on car repairs!

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