Inside Look at VERY Unique Drift Cars of Europe

Taking a deeper look at some cool builds and shops in Poland before competing this weekend at my first Drift Masters!
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38 thoughts on “Inside Look at VERY Unique Drift Cars of Europe

  1. Damn, and I just got back from Poland a little over a month ago. If i did follow events that are gonna be happening in Poland this year I would definitely fly there now instead of 2 months ago lol

  2. Now that you seen europes best pro drifting, you should see europe stance and grassroots drifting. Come to Ultrace x Next Level next year!

  3. HOLY SHIT!!! 2:14 BEST PART OF THE HOLE UPLOAD. I have talked about doing this so many times. The motor is so short it would sit behind the front towers … the center of mass with 2.7t shoved in there has got to be nutty…. kewlest car in the whole place !!!! All great builds but that one I would love to know more about.

  4. Cool of you to mention Collete's Monster Jam days on camera. She doesn't get enough credit for the things she's done. I was thinking exactly what you said, almost normal for her. Watched Qualifying today. The track isn't Riga, cool event and atmosphere though. Shame you didn't have more practice time. Congrats on getting the invite, very cool.

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