Jeff Schmidt’s 1998 Ford Contour No Start -Fixing it Forward

We’ve moved on from Barbara’s 1998 Town & Country to this 1998 Ford Contour. This is the second vehicle in the Fixing it Forward series. Solving the no start is only part of the problem. As you’ll see in the coming videos with this vehicle, it has a few more issues that need to be worked out.

What’s interesting about this project is that Barbara herself introduced me to Jeff and his wife. In fact, she’s been driving them around occasionally when then need to get from place to place. Both Jeff and his wife have health issues that prevent them from repairing the vehicle themselves. This is where Fixing it Forward comes in. It’s my hope to get Jeff’s Ford back on the road and in good working condition.

So sit back and enjoy the first in this series of videos with the 1998 Ford Contour, also known as a Mondeo in other parts of the world.

If you’re not familiar with the Fixing it Forward series, here’s the introduction video:

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Camera: Brian Kast

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47 thoughts on “Jeff Schmidt’s 1998 Ford Contour No Start -Fixing it Forward

  1. I got the same engine 2.5L Duratec v6. Cranks no start. New fuel pump assembly, new fuel filter, new starter, new camshaft and Crankshaft sensor. New spark plugs. But still no start. All relays and fuses are good.

  2. After the customer went home, I just on a goofy moment said in my Best Sling Blade voice (Billie Bob Thorton) "Aint Got no gas in it!" And then when You said it Eric I just had the best laugh of the week! Thank you Sir!

  3. I have a 1998.5 contour SVT and I replaced the engine and my brother hooked up the starter backwards and I think it triggered the security system. All my wires to the ignition/starter/computer/fuel pump are ohming out and are connected properly. The car will not even crank, when I put the key forward the dash lights come on like normal. But when I put the key to crank NOTHING happens. When the key is to accessory the fuel pump doesn’t even kick on. I need to know how I can disable the security system or bypass it so I can get the car to at least crank. I’ve had to teach myself a lot of how the electronics systems work on my car and have learned a lot but just need a little more help. Any ideas would be very helpful. Thank you. Also I have replaced the starter, battery,starter solenoids, and checked all fuses and wiring.

  4. Steel brake lines. I haven't owned a car that didn't need them replaced at around 100k miles, I think the climate here just near guarantees it.

    For the record car makers: I'd pay a little extra for a car that came with copper/nickel lines from the factory. It's never a fun job to replace them all.

  5. Lmao! Man does this remind me of that one time i was driving my bmw (previously owned by my dad) so I’m driving I had about 1/4 gas left so I was good out of sudden my car starts to misfire or just chuckle down the road I pullover the car didn’t want to start anymore so I’m like well wtf man this is BS I was mad and I’m cranking on it still won’t start I talk to my dad and he’s like oh yea 1/4 gas tank is actually Empty on that car instead of E MAN I WAS PISSED for the embarrassment for my car dieing out in the middle of the street and all cause of just running out of gas.

  6. The owner comes across as a complete tool that's looking for meds and a "free ride" wherever /whenever his sob story works. Shit, I could be wrong…BUT I've known a ton of people like this. …just sayin

  7. My car is doing the same exact thing as this contour. What would you have checked next if the contour had fuel in the tank?

  8. I have a '95 Contour and my brake line rotted out in the exact same area. I used steel 5000 psi compression fittings to fix it. But you're teaching me plenty. Plus I admire your patience.

  9. Learned many lessons with your civic videos. Then bought a (30 thousand miles on the clock ) contour. Couldn't find much info on it. Now I find out you have videos on it… I think I owe you a beer.

  10. I have a 2000 Ford contour that the brakes went out on it's not master cylinder or pads. I think it's a clogged brake line how do I fix that

  11. anyone who does not put FUEL in a car that is on empty and that won't start should not be driving… they do not have the capacity to safely drive down the road.

  12. I would have piped the trunk and looked for a possible emergency fuel pump shut off switch behind the carpet in the trunk.

  13. I have a,1998 ford conture SD. It has a back drum .That has a wheel shaft. Hooked to the strut .The bracket too on the drum connects to a sway bar or controll arm broke off.Can you show a vieto on removing it ? Thanks

  14. I don't mind fixing people's cars. but when they bring their cars they are so far gone. they wait till the very last minute!

  15. we had at one point a small fleet of 4 mondeos/counturs at home and the no start problem was the imobilaiser on all of them at one point and other thing was when the tank got quater to empty it woudlnt fire.

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