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Wivco sent me this tool a little while ago. I was waiting for an opportunity to try it out. When this RL came in for a brake job that required me removing the rotors, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to try out the tool. It worked flawlessly as you see in the video. I think I’ll put my impact driver away the next time I need to remove rotor screws.

I’m sure this also works on other screws that might give you similar trouble. I was sold after it got these rotor screws loose.

Wivco did not pay me to say any of this. When a tool works, I’m happy to talk about it.

Thanks for watching!

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50 thoughts on “Kryptonite For Stubborn Screws – The Shake-n-Break

  1. This damn thing is $60??? Looks like Mayhew makes a $20 alternative that might be better anyway. Looks like on the Mayhew, instead of a handle to turn it has a hex that you can turn with a wrench and instead of coming with different bits, the end is 1/2 or 3/8 square socket type so you can use whatever socket you want. A far more versatile and cheaper option.

  2. The first time I got those screws out, after all sorts of hammering and howling, I coated them with anti-seize and put them back in. I have never had a problem since and can take them out with just a regular old screwdriver. Just a dab of anti-seize works wonders.

  3. OMG! I bought this tool at a car show and forgot about it after putting it in my toolbox. Then I ran into a problem trying to loosen a ground screw for an a/c clutch. After totally stripping the Philips head ground screw with a screwdriver, I remembered having this tool. It worked like magic! I mean, M-A-G-I-C, even with the stripped slots on the screw head.

  4. Blue Point also makes one similar to that that has a 17mm hex on it to put Wrench on to turn that’s what I use if impact driver just won’t do the Trick

  5. I think this tool has a perfect application. I’ve used impact drivers with bits before and it’s not always guaranteed hey it’ll do the job and then you are out of luck and have possibly a stripped screw head. With this, from the looks, gives a much greater impacting force from the air hammer into the head of the screw and then allows you to easily turn it.

  6. I was really interested in this, after watching the video I think my impact driver works faster than this. If its reasonably priced I might still buy it.

  7. That’s because it’s not a Philips screw; it’s a JIS or Japanese Industrial Standard screwdrive.
    The difference is the walls of the slots in the JIS screw head, which are parallel and which will cause the regular style Phillips screwdriver to cam out of the screw as you’re trying to turn it.

    The “corners” at the center of a Phillips head screw have a slight radius, supposedly designed to allow the Phillips head screwdriver to cam out as a sign that maximum torque had been reached.

    Also, the JIS screw head slots have a shallower depth, preventing the taller head design of a Phillips head screwdriver to properly grip the sides of the fastener .

    Use JIS tools on Japanese cars-

  8. i find a 3/8 battery gun more effective faster and easier. if by chance my battery gun doesnt cut the mustard so to say then i whip out trusty impact driver which is far better than this.

  9. Eric, you are the man! I need this tool in my life!! I was dealing with those screws and they were a pain in the but lol!!! Thanks again!!

  10. I use a tang through screwdriver (sunflag) and hit it with a hammer while twisting and get them loose. Also I'm an experienced mechanic unlike most here on youtube that like to think they are after doing brakes once on their mums honda.

  11. This is an awesome tool for stubborn screws. I just wish it was 1/4 instead of 5/16 drive size. My air hammer destroys bits and next to impossible to get locally. I use it for getting the torx fasteners out of Jeep's almost daily. It's a life saver for me

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