Letting the Crew THRASH my CRX! (New Record!)

The purpose of this CRX – other than FUN – is for guests to set lap-times at the LZ Compound. Stoked everyone had as much fun in this thing as I do! TICKETS ARE SELLING OUT – get them NOW!
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37 thoughts on “Letting the Crew THRASH my CRX! (New Record!)

  1. @AdamLz……could you please tell me who did your cage in your CRX? I need to have a cage put in my 1997 Honda Civic ek hatch and I need to have to have a driver side floor pan cut in. I am building the car to do the Nasa Honda challenge series.

  2. FWD you brake going into the turn, then at the apex you slowly reduce the braking and slowly increase acceleration to 75%, once you get the car pointing in the rite direction no more braking needed and accelerate to 100%. Ps. Don't accelerate before the apex.

  3. Glad Adam picked a Honda has the compound car. Shows and shocks people that haven’t drove Hondas which are basically made for grip racing.

  4. Perfect example of money buys you drifter competion creditable holding competition with no name drifters and a bunch of YouTube rs y not if u carnt get the title may as well buy it funny these utubers are experts in tuning and building cars all of a sudden

  5. I’m just here for the double clip comments lol. First thing that came to mind was “well seems to me like Adam edited this video not Mike”

  6. Nobody cares about Tommy's opinion anymore. The so called "skyline expert" should know what engine that car has…..oh that's right he never works a day in his life he just uses everyone around him

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