Live Q&A – Flooding, 4 Rotor, Drama, and More!

Just some live stuff answering stuff for your questions and stuff.
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37 thoughts on “Live Q&A – Flooding, 4 Rotor, Drama, and More!

  1. I COMPLETELY understand the OCD and being an introvert.. Honestly, one of the things I dig the most about your vids, besides badass cars of course.. Lol! Is how honest and down to earth you are. Happy to hear the waters starting to go down, and everyone's doing well.
    Side note.. Did TJ tell you he was gonna grow a mustache or he just trying to be like Mike?? Haha

  2. Rip to the gt350, a voodoo/predator build with a ben calimer trans would have been so much easier and user friendly. Or could have hit up fathouse to take care of you. Such a crazy platform

  3. You should get some cars like Nicole's and you should do a video of your mom's car it has been awhile and you should do a video of scaring your mom it has been awhile lol

  4. Someone’s been trying to act like you my guy and get peoples credit card info for one of your “giveaways” I know this because some goof tried to give me a clapped out BMW 355i 😂 I’d really appreciate a response considering it’s your reputation not mine…? Anyways. Just thought you’d know people are trying to scam your followers and subscribers. I have screenshots as well from the convos.

  5. You should do right by Rudnik and at the very least denounce Tommy. Being silent on things that involve your so-called friends is not being a friend to either of them. Let’s see your true colors.

  6. Very wise not commenting on the stuff going on with the other guys. As expected. Life happens for you too and you have a good thing going, proud of ya man. 🤘🏼

  7. Something to remember too guys, In Florida you can’t dig more than about 6 feet without hitting water or very wet soil, so digging deeper ponds would just be digging into more water and wet, really the only way to go is up.

  8. This is hilarious, when I saw the title of the video "Live Q&A – Flooding, 4 Rotor, Drama, and More!" the only reason I clicked on the video is because it said "DRAMA" in the title! Then Adam goes on to say he isn't involved, doesn't want to comment about Tommy and doesn't want to use the "clout to gain views".(Thought Respect, That's a Man Move) Even tho he takes the higher road by saying he doesn't want to make a video directly about the drama but he goes on to do exactly what he said he didn't want to is use the situation. But then goes on to put the word "drama" in the title knowing he will get more views because everyone was looking for his input on Tommy's Drama… LMAO

  9. If at all possible, I would love to bring my Honda Fit that I’ve got set up to run Gridlife Sundae Cup to the compound and run your course to see how it would compare

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