Longevity Force Cut 40D, Migweld 140, M1 Cart Tool Review -EricTheCarGuy

ForeCut 40D $599.99

Link to tool: http://www.jbtoolsales.com/longevity-forcecut-40d-40amp-pilot-arc-plasma-cutter-dual-voltage#oid=1002_1

Migweld 140 $329.99

Link to tool: http://www.jbtoolsales.com/longevity-migweld-140-140-amp-mig-welder-capable-of-flux-core-and-aluminum-gas-shielded-welding-110v#oid=1002_1

M1 Welding cart $129.99

Link to tool: http://www.longevity-inc.com/accessories-parts/welding-cart-m1

Welding helmet $129.99

Link: http://www.jbtoolsales.com/longevity-pro-red-mig-tig-stick-plasma-cutter-welding-helmet-mask/#oid=1002_1

Grinder $131.90

Link to Grinder: http://www.jbtoolsales.com/makita-9557pbx1-4-1-2-angle-grinder#oid=1002_1

Angle Die Grinder $102.85

Link to tool: http://www.jbtoolsales.com/ingersoll-rand-301b2mk-air-angle-die-grinder-2-kit#oid=1002_1

I was able to find this coupler that I THINK will work. I got mine at my local hardware store.


Welding shirt: http://www.tradesmanxpress.com/Key_Lakin_McKey_Khaki_Western_Welders_Shirt_519_24_p/519.24.htm?1=1&CartID=0

I had a great time shooting this review. I also have a better work table after using these tools. I think these are great for the DIY, especially if you’re just starting out using tools like this. The perform well and don’t set you back so much that you’ll regret it if it turns out you’re not ready for this type of work. They worked great for me as you can see in the video.

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Author: Rafael


31 thoughts on “Longevity Force Cut 40D, Migweld 140, M1 Cart Tool Review -EricTheCarGuy

  1. Not a fan of longevity welders. Had a 140 and it was junk. Ended up selling it and getting an Eastwood 175 and love it.

  2. My new Longevity 140 A MIG is junk. Right out of the box… assembled and the AC cord got so hot more use and it would have melted. Some kind of internal short. Just pulling the trigger with the ground clamp attached, the machine goes full load (dead short). Remove ground clamp and then pulled trigger everything OK. upon reattaching ground clamp big spark (Cap discharge). Reversed + – and same thing. Insulating the item to be welded from earth ground seems to help, but still not power to weld. Some kind internal ground to the metal case (I assume).

  3. Eric it's a good thing that Simon Katz, owner of Longevity is sponsoring you. That way you're able to receive proper support for your welder. I own a Longevity "Weldall 250PI multipurpose welder" that I have less than 10 hours use on it. Right now it is a $1500 boat anchor. Simons has had possession of this welder on two occasions, at a cost of 150.00 in freight each time to repair it. When I purchased it I had a five year warranty. However after them handling it twice within the first year they told me I no longer had a warranty valid at that point and would not correctly repair it. I have spent tons of time trying to correct this with Simon Katz, the owner. Being that my profession is automated metal fabrication equipment machinery repair of 35 years, I would only recommend Longevity products to my worst enemies. I now own a Everlast "POWERPRO 256S" that I tried to brake the first month I had it but with no success. It's a fantastic tig-stick-plasma unit.

    Eric, save your hard earned money and let Simon Katz give you his junk, that way he will keep it running or replace it on a as needed bases for you. Good luck to you sir.

  4. I would have liked to purchased the same welding helmet he's wearing. The one in the description is different.

  5. I recently purchased a 40D. I also think the clear air tubing and the requisite connectors were under engineered, so I removed the fitting that goes into the water separator and replaced it with a standard quick connect fitting. The threads on a standard fitting are too long to fit into the filter, so three fender washers were required. I think it's much nicer going directly into the machine with my air hose, and lord knows I don't need extra lengths of air tubing anywhere in my shop.

  6. Your angle iron is most likely ASTM A36 with a yield strength of 36ksi. If not that, it may be ASTM A572 with a yield strength of 50 ksi.

  7. Not too bad of welding for a novice just a little cold. A quick tip I would find some scrap material and get the settings right and the technique right. So pretty much a little practice and you'll be fine.

  8. It may seem goofy, but current teaching asks that people wear safety glasses underneath the welding helmet to prevent spatter from dropping into the helmet and then bouncing into an eye. I have always had a problem with that because of fogging and because of close vision issues. But for those people watching and learning it's correct technique.

  9. For Eric and other welding beginners, you want to brace your welding or cutting hand or arm against something, like the table, work surface, or your leg to keep your cuts and welds steady for consistent, good results. Having your hands and arms free floating makes it more difficult to keep cuts and welds smooth.

  10. nice review and product looks good. I think the final piece you cut was better because you turned the metal and made the cut on the utter side it helped you keeping the distance between tip and the metal consistent beside the fact that you stayed more steady,

    thanks for the vid

  11. Get rid of the worm screw clamp and get a ear clamp kit. MIG gas is in CFH not PSI.  The reason they may not have given a coupler plug is because there are a hundred different styles and sizes and they don't know what you have. I couldn't tell if you did, but make sure you clean all the mill scale(grey coating) off of the angle iron. Great video for the novice welder otherwise.

  12. Great Video.  I want a plasma cutter badly. I would only use it for good, I promise.

    As a DIY, I got a wonderful tool that you might want to review, and its only 60 bucks.  I got air in my ABS module after swapping out a caliper.  I had to remove this air, and the only way to do it easy was a powerbleeder.  I got mine off of Summit for 58 bucks with the GM end.  Worked beautifully and only requires 1 person to do a brake bleed.

  13. Your welds would be better if you angle the gun more, push the bead (main pool of liquid metal), and speed up the gun or slow the wire rate more, that should cure your chunky welds. Have fun with your new toy's Eric! I miss my welder already.

  14. You don't know how lucky you are changing the angle of your final welds !

    Overheard welding with that type of mask almost always result in sparks/molten metal falling down around your collar, burning your neck and chest.  Professionals who have to weld overhead a lot use a special mask/helmet with a built in "cape" that cover your neck and shoulders and a pressure feed air system.

    Damp towels wrapped around neck help for DIYers

  15. When you need to cut or weld along a straight line, you need to rest your work hand/arm on the work piece.  Obviously you will good insulation to prevent burning your arm where it is resting.  Do a couple practice (power off) passes so that you can see if power cable/hose or any part of your clothing or will get hung up as you are moving along the cut/weld.

    It is also much easier to weld on a horizontal surface instead of a vertical surface.

  16. Eric- with that "moisture separator"- what about shop air that is oiled? Does that unit require "dry" air? All you'd need is a suitable gas powered generator, and a compressor- and you could "take it on the road" to do a job away from the shop- work it from the rear of your Element!

  17. You should invest in a half mask respirator, 3M 7500 series is great and will fit under a welding helmet.  Mix that with some P100 filters and your lungs will thank you after extended metal work.

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