38 thoughts on “LZ World Tour – Stop 1 – Englishtown – Day 2

  1. Don’t get me wrong I’ve been a LZ fan for a long time. But I’m not biased at all, I’m super critical of his driving in competitions because I usually know he can drive better than he performs. But hands down some of the best driving he’s done in a while! The Hamilton battle should of went one more time but Adam needed to give the prize away to someone besides him self

  2. RTR is gonna be pretty disappointed when you drop the blue and black ford for the 4 rotor supra… I wonder if you guys have any contractual where you can swap your sponsors onto your very smooth, tyre eliminating build instead of the zero practice car

  3. Maybe introduce a bag/drone check for the next stop of the world tour, people may not like it but if they’re gonna act like children then treat them like children 🤷‍♂️

  4. What an event, honestly this was insane, from the drivers, to the cars, to the top notch livestream (better than FD with perfect cameras, commentary and no filler content). Must be an amazing feeling for LZ!

  5. Its like forza and gta v and grandturismo coming to life with all our favorite drivers this is what we want to see cant fault the stream but im still pissed ruddys car gave in fml dude deserves a break if anyone does.. props to everyone else for the driving too.. lz and piotr would have been sick if it was cars of same class street vs full build is unfair lol goes to show how good piotr was and his line was sick for adam to chase

  6. for piotr to be in someone elses very nice car and to not be use to right hand drive he fucking sent it on those fantasy runs. never seen him drive but if he drives like that under that much pressure he must be a fucking beast in his own comfort car.

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