Making My First Firewall on the Datsun – Came out SICK!

Now knowing that this car is capable of running 10s… safety mods are a must! First up is getting my gas tank separated from the driver compartment – and some more power of course!



25 thoughts on “Making My First Firewall on the Datsun – Came out SICK!

  1. adam i saw your thumbnail, no your actual one. that things gonna fall off be ready, i just had the same thing happen to me a few months ago

  2. Awesome job. It brings back wonderful memories of the time I cut about a centimetre off one finger in a metal guillotine like that. I could see the bone poking out. Ouch. Stupid me not following instructions when cutting a narrow strip of copper sheet…

  3. It is always humbling seeing you show your struggles with doing something new.
    You did a way better job than anything I have done first time

  4. Love your doing all your own stuff Respect all the way mate. Been watching your Channel for years just gets better and better your all like one big family. Dan from Cornwall uk

  5. Hey when you did the second pull on the dyno there was something shoot out of the engine bay that was bright maybe a exhaust leak shooting a little flame out or a spark flying idk

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