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When Merrick first reached out to me about possibly doing a review on their Auto Dolly’s, I thought, what the heck? Since then, I’ve found MANY uses for the Auto Dolly. It’s especially useful if you work on your own like I do. It’s the best way I’ve found to move a vehicle that doesn’t run in the shop.

I probably should have mentioned in the video this model has a 6000lb capacity. Sorry I missed that.

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43 thoughts on “Merrick Auto Dolly Review -EricTheCarGuy

  1. What was the lbs rating for each dollie? I have a 69 Plymouth GTX that will need to be moved once it's in my garage. Do you think I will be able to move it by myself?

  2. +EricTheCarGuy do you have any experience with GoJaks? I used a pair at the body shop I was at to move a couple FWD cars but never had a full set… They are a lot easier to get under the car and seem to roll easier too… They are a good bit more expensive but for something you do all the time they would be worth it IMO.

  3. At present I'm restoring a 1969 MGC at home in a two-car garage. Since the engine and transmission are out of the car, I use a similar product called "Car Skates" so I can move the shell of the car around the garage to work on it. I can move the car into the center of the garage for easy access, and push it out of the way so I can put the other car away at night, or I can wheel it out into the driveway to wash it off. These dollies are the greatest thing since they put the chunks in peanut butter.

  4. "Up underneath" my parts washer. Lol wut? Also could be fun to put them under just the rear wheels and pull mad skids!

  5. Looks like a solid product, but would be interested to know how well the casters hols up. The Civic is fairly light. How do they handle say, a 3500 lb car?

  6. I've been thinking of getting a set. there is a person that sometimes parks in front of my driveway. I would like to push there car into the middle of the road. hehe

  7. On behalf of myself and all the youtubers that watch your channel I thank you for all the work you do and for the entertaining videos.

  8. I had similar ones to these, buddy use it jacked up one side put the dollys underneath then jacked the other side and the dolly on the other side started to move. If only I recorded that and his reaction.

  9. +EricTheCarGuy I was installing the exhaust camshaft on my engine the other day when it snapped. I believe I was installing it correctly based on what the manufacturer specifies. I am worried that when the new camshaft arrives I will go and snap it again. Do you have any tips besides tightening the caps slowly and evenly? Any advice would be appreciated.

  10. what year grand cherokee with a blown engine i have a 98 which my parents passed down its a nightmare my 07 s2k had no problems, and my 15 subaru only brake problems

  11. check out gojak. obscenely priced but amazing vehicles dollys for when someone has a car so low that you can't get a floor jack under.

  12. Great video! Better technique to get the vehicle moving is to put your knee against a tire and apply leverage. Once it is moving you can use the sheet metal more. Also, the Heavy Duty Auto Dolly models use larger diameter casters that are also have less rolling resistance. Merrick also makes accessories that bolt-on making the Auto Dolly useful for other things (like bolting directly onto hubs).

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