Midnight Drifting & Ignorant Tandems – Ebisu Spring Matsuri 2023

Typically we’d have a few videos from our Ebisu experience – but I condensed this short trip into one. The driving always gets crazier and crazier – I hope y’all enjoy!
http://LZMFG.com http://DriftHQ.com THUMNAIL BY SY PHAM from LonestarDrift



26 thoughts on “Midnight Drifting & Ignorant Tandems – Ebisu Spring Matsuri 2023

  1. Collete's driving this trip made her last trip seem like she couldnt drive a car haha, my god at the rate of improvement and confidence, What a sick Matsuri, Hopefully now that Jimmy has a car out there, there will be another trip with the CT boys, need to bring Ruddy along!

  2. Dude, this proves 100% why you deserve to be in FD. sucks the rules are so strict in FD cuz if it was just tandems like this, you'd roll the comp.

  3. Can't deny it, man. He's got a way better line than Adam on the touge course. I haven't been to Ebisu unfortunately in about 6 years.

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