Mini Cooper Engine Installation (Part 1)

This is Part 1 of the reinstall the engine and transmission into my R56 Mini Cooper S. I show how to avoid damage to the AC lines as well as the clutch hydraulics as you install the engine. Honestly, I don’t feel this job is as bad as it looks. With the front end removed, installing the engine seemed very easy to me. Not to mention it’s only held in by 2 fasteners. Well, those and another mount under the engine that keeps it from rotating.

Anyway I hope this information is helpful if you’ve removed the engine on your Mini and need to reinstall it.

I had some help with editing on this one from Javan Hovind.

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Author: Rafael


30 thoughts on “Mini Cooper Engine Installation (Part 1)

  1. on my 08 n12 mini do all the piston need to be haft way up the cylinder when i install the lock

    pin or the two out sides down an two middle cylinder up lock the pin

  2. Hi eric, great vid thanks. Can i ask a question? I am replacing and engine in a non turbo 1.6 with a donor engine. Is there any coding issues with the ECU? In other words does the donor engine need to have the ancillaries from the old engine fitted to the donar engine? Thanks in advance. Jonathan

  3. could you imagine… you do all that work, get everything back together, hit the start button and CLUNK! "wtf?!" pull it apart and realize you forgot to remove the cam locks… "SCHEISSE!!!!"

  4. 19:00 tap and die sets FTW!!! I bought a Craftsman metric tap/die set almost 20 years ago, and I can't even begin to fathom how much time and money that set has saved me. They're absolutely essential for anyone working on cars, especially cars with older fasteners.

  5. Man I love when electrical connectors make a solid click when going back together. The double click of each of those German connectors at 9:05 was super satisfying.

  6. I have a 2013 Mini Cooper non S model. Get a little bit of hesitation when taking off. I replaced the plugs since it was time. Any other ideas on a cause?

  7. Its a shame no one wants to pay for labor anymore. They want bluebook value only. They go to college to make a curtain amount, this amount makes cars disposable. F it I'll buy a new one, whats the point. All I know my cars are in nice shape and we can thank Eric for showing us and telling us how you would feel if you love to work with cars, no matter how much you make. Its a love, not a college education (disposable way of thinking).

  8. I have watched almost all videos from the beginning and am even a paid member. I understand that the quick 3 to 5 second short attention span cutting is a thing that a particular demographic likes. However this literally is the first video I started watching that I had to stop watching (and engine removal and install videos are one of my favourite). I timed a bunch of cuts, they're almost all between 3 and 5 seconds long. It is quite unpleasant. For example, old engine install videos were longer and had a more contemplative and slower pace to it, that suites me better.

    I also believe that you will not learn as much from the way these videos are cut, because a lot of the details and just the whole process is kind of lost. This is meant as constructive criticism. I believe the cutting is done by third party company. If youtube stats prove that this is what the largest demographic wants, so be it, since etcg needs to make money with the channel, but for me it's problematic.

  9. Great job……… Some really tight working room here and there………..
    I only have two comments
    1. I would have replace the condenser with a parallel Flow condenser. The one you have looks like a serpentine.
    2. You need to buy a deep well magnetic socket. Much easier to use on the deeply mounted plugs.

  10. Ah, the good old days when you could actually sit in the engine bay with your feet on the frame and work on your engine. Now a days you need a can opener to get the engine in.

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