Mini Cooper Engine Installation (Part 2)

Here is Part 2 of the 2007 Mini Cooper S engine and transmission install. Here’s a link to Part 1:

In this episode I complete the installation of the engine and transmission into my Mini Cooper. I also start it up for the first time and I show you the procedures I go through when starting up an engine that’s had a significant amount of work done like this one has.

This video has a ton of information on the engine compartment of an R56 Mini Cooper.

I hope the information is useful to you.

I had some help with editing on this one from Javan Hovind.

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Ingersoll Rand 3/8″ Impact:

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Valve Cover (Cheap):

Amsoil (Use code: 5577430):

Pentosen MTF-LT-4:

Mini Coolant:

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Author: Rafael


36 thoughts on “Mini Cooper Engine Installation (Part 2)

  1. I like that you make sure things are easily accessible for the next guy. "Next guy could be you", according to AVE, and I find that's half the time true. But the doing the job right and taking the time to make things reachable/workable for whoever's next really makes the inch go a mile.

  2. There is something oddly satisfying watching oil pour directly onto the timing chain and camshafts without a cover on.

  3. You make look so easy like every good mechanic, I’m over here busting ass and running around trying to get things done and just ask for help with the master mechanic. He comes over and just makes you look slow when he is on the phone on their Bluetooth and not physically moving as fast as you but it’s like freakin magic, they get so much shit done but calm cool and collective. I’m trying to get there. I’m in busy ass mode and probably doing more harm than good.
    Just the stress of the customers car is leaving this evening and just trying to get things done and just in over your head and the more experienced mechanic makes everything look easy.

  4. Hondabond = Permatex Ultra Grey. 356,000 miles on my Integra GSR B18C1 engine and I've never used any sealant other than Permatex Ultra Grey.

  5. Coolant bleeding – This is the same system as BMW. Manually turn on the water pump by turning ignition ON to ACC (do not start engine), set temperature control to full hot and blower fan speed to Low. Press accelerator pedal to floor and hold down for ten seconds.

  6. It was about time to get into european cars, you going to expand a lot if you start a series with these, loads of people love mercs and bmw and some other stuff, not to mention they fall apart fast so great material. Great stuff Eric!

  7. Eric, hoping you would do a video explaining the best steps to take when doing a major engine repair, such as a head gasket. Mainly, what to do with the hoses and wires, organization, tips from the years etc. Thanks!!

  8. Hey Eric, I must have missed why the valve cover was replaced-? I assume it was leaking, cracked/warped-?? They sure have that engine compartment packed tight.

  9. much as I do like watching you do this stuff it would not help my confidence to do something like that when I see you come on at the end and say I forgot to tighten something down and so had to strip it all down and do it again never mind keep up the good work.

  10. I have a 94 suburban with engine idle or rev sound like something rubber is rubbing almost sounds like belt slip ive removed the serp belt noise is still there an some times on start up it isn't there for couple seconds

  11. Eric give this man a shoutout, coverman66, he’s got great LS engine information and teaches a lot on engines and engine components. All in all a great guy.

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