Mini Cooper Engine Removal (R56/N14)

Here is a link to the video you should watch before this one on Mini Front End Removal:

I believe this information will also apply to other Mini Coopers of similar vintage.

The main take away here is to work carefully and methodically. Keep all your parts and fasteners organized. This will make reassembly much easier.

I had some help with editing on this one from Javan Hovind.

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41 thoughts on “Mini Cooper Engine Removal (R56/N14)

  1. Today I pulled the engine exactly like you did ( your video helped me a lot) but I disconnected the fuel line on the bottom of the car

  2. So I just bought my first Mini, it's a 2008 with a blown motor. I paid a whopping 500 bucks for it. I picked the car up on Tuesday and tonight it sits the same as this one. I had never even sat in a Mini before this, and I owe it all to your videos Eric. I kid you not, I have watched this video every night over and over. When it's garage time I go out and go as far as I can remember until I forget what you did next, then I come back in and watch it again and go back out the next night. I think by the end I'll be able to do this one armed and blindfolded!

  3. Hey Eric! Did you do the engine rebuild yourself? Did you by chance replace the oil pump and/or the vacuum pump as a preventative maintenance? Do you recommend to do that if keeping the car as an everyday driver? Thanks!

  4. OK I am nearly 2 years late Eric but maybe I can help people. @ 11:53 you took out the wire clip to free the electric plug. Don't need to do that just push the clip IN and pull the plug off. Yep I learned the hard way after losing a wire clip …
    Lovely clear presentation though mate well done.
    Oh and forgive me but those electrical connectors aren't German …lol

  5. i have a blown turbo and my cars been sitting for a year still paying on the damn thing looking for turbo replacements is a stigan vs borg werner a huge difference?

  6. I may have missed it. Is there a sub frame that needs to be dropped before removing the motor? Fantastic videos by the way. I'm about to rebuild an R56/N18 motor that the previous owner over heated.

  7. I found out that I have a 2008 Mini Cooper Hardtop base model that was assembled in England. I was told that the UK engine version is different from the American engine version. Is this true? I've asked a few Euro engine spots about this and they seem just as confused. Please let me know, thank you.

  8. GDI Gasoline Direct Injection. Do a section on LSPI. Low Speed Pre Ignition. I have two N 14 engines with holes in pistons due to LSPI. Design issue. Solution API SN Plus oil and clean aspiration / exhaust. Affects ALL GDI engines.

  9. Thank you for all the tips in replacing the timing chain and others.
    Could you please advise how can I determine the engine model? And getting the right replacement.
    Many thanks Mehdi

  10. I was gonna ask @eric the car guy I have the same exact car besides the color how hard if I just wanted to remove and replace turbo would the removal process be so big or just front end removal needed

  11. Hey Eric, is it possible to remove the engine by itself and not pull the transmission with it? I'm working on an R55 with an N18 (the process of disassembly of the front clip has been very similar to the N14 you depict in your videos, thankfully!). I have to replace the engine would prefer not to have to pull the axles if I don't have to. Thanks!!!

  12. I think the phrase you were looking for is "pinch point". Be careful where you put your hands, you don't want to put them in a pinch point.
    Definition of pinch point: A place where it is possible for two objects to come together on your body parts and cause anything from an ouch to dismemberment. 😉

  13. I was thinking of picking up one of these as a bit of a project car to learn on. i found one locally that has intermittent power steering problems. Would changing out a PS pump be a reasonable job for a home DIY'er with standard tools?

  14. What I've learned from this series so far. Germans make great electrical connections. Unfortunately everything else is made from the cheapest materials in the most complicated way possible that essentially guarantees premature failure (but out of warranty) and is unserviceable. Germans are masters of planned obsolescence. Having worked on multiple Fords I can say there has to be better connectors out there than FoMoCo uses.

  15. Physics time. In a car crash the seat belt will experience a load of roughly 30g. Take an average man at 180lb and that means the belt is dealing with a high (albeit brief) load of 5400lbs. Pretty sure even if my math is a little off that most engines dont even come close to this weight in a typical (especially 4 cylinder) car.

    TLDR: If a seatbelt can keep you from going through a windshield itll hold an engine up.

  16. I've got to admit, I had no interest in watching the Mini series. I was kind of bummed that you were doing these because I, and probably many diyers will never lay hands on one so I didn't see a point in watching it. But after watching one video I'm glad I did. Still cool to see ETCG do his thing even if I'll never work on one 🙂 I bet you would get a lot more views doing ford/chevy/dodge videos though! Love your channel.

  17. Eric, long time watcher. Let me know when this Mini goes to market. I just recently got into an accident with my 2000 Jeep Cherokee and have always loved these mini’s.

  18. Eric buddy. Sorry this has nothing to to with the mini. I have a question and I can't figure out another way to contact you. I am having problems registering to So here goes. I have an 03 Focus with a 2.0 dohc that I just installed a new power steering pump in and I am having problems with the high pressure line. Feels like I am missing something and I can not find help. Please look at my video. Maybe you can help me get registered on as well. Please. Thank you. You're great, keep up the awesome videos. Any help from anybody would be much appreciated.

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