Mini Cooper Rear Hatch Won’t Latch Repair

If you have a Mini Cooper and the rear hatch won’t stay shut, or won’t open when you activate the switch, this video will help you.

In this video I cover both the mechanical and electrical issues that may happen with newer Mini Coopers. If nothing else you’ll have a better understanding of how these latches work by the end of the video.

Here is additional information on how to solve electrical issues with your vehicle:

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Hatch Switch Assembly:

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Author: Rafael


40 thoughts on “Mini Cooper Rear Hatch Won’t Latch Repair

  1. my 07 mini s r56 has this issue every once when it does happen i just press the trunk button on the keyfob while closing the hatch shut and it fixes the issue until i have to do it again about a week or two later.
    EDIT: my hatch button works without issues, never had an issue with it apart from when i got my mini the button cover was never there so i push the itty bitty little button nub.

  2. Hey i got 04 mini and i have the same issue . i tried the electrical tester on the trunk button cable shown in the video. The tester beeps on both the ground and lights (middle connection) but when i apply negative to the positive it doesn’t do anything . What does that mean? and what should i do next ?

  3. Hi is there a manual pulley to
    Open the hatch from the inside and not using the keyfob ? I own a r56s 2010 no manual pulley inder back seat

  4. Ha Ha i had the same problem, its sorted now, do you know there is a cable release under the rear passenger seat for the hatch, pull the seat up and there it is….great videos….

  5. I just got it and this happens with the trunk.. it makes me want to throw the fucking car away .. should’ve stayed with a beetle

  6. my rear hatch acts similar to this. If you lift up a little when you pop the hatch it will shut nicely. If you dont you have to depress the open button on the FOB then the rear hatch will shut properly. Not sure, but it looks like someone knocked my rear bumper…maybe its just misaligned now.

  7. I have a 2010 mini Cooper clubman it has the milk truck doors in the back and it will not open with the key Farb or with the latch on the door it supposed to open right door first left or second and it was working fine and then one day just wouldn’t work at all I thought maybe there was a pull cord under the seat but there is not any info would be greatly appreciated

  8. so recently on my Mini Cooper 07 base model ive had this problem where it keep saying my doors are open but i ended up finding it is my trunk latch how about may i go fixing this? any tips anyone?

  9. What sensors that the latch is open? My latch closes and everything but once I brake at stop light a sound comes on like "boonk" telling me the latch is open. It happens every time I brake and take off.

  10. I have this same issue but… my main issue is that it unlatches on its own… like it’s tripping… I can’t future it out.. I fixed the latch… but I feel like the electronics may have an issue.. can u explain?

  11. My 2007 GMC Acadia literally just got this problem today. I have been flying off my rocker with the screwdriver trying to figure out what was wrong. 2007 was indeed a bad year!

  12. just wish I could open my boot on my 2008 cooper s, no emergency pulley for the boot under the passenger seats

  13. How can the probe distinguish between a ground side and power side? Why did it not get a signal for the open light circuit? The switch circuits were open too how did it know one was ground and one was power when there is no current traveling on either side due to it being open since the switch wasn’t engaged??

  14. Lol this is the murica edition. Stupid federal regulation mandates manual door releases in trunks over there. A real shit implementation from BMW there.

  15. I always enjoy your videos. As an owner of the same vic.It's always good to have someone to take their time showing all the steps and inform the size of bolts and srews taking out the guess work. Thanks again drive on drive strong

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