Mini Series Wrap Up

I got this 2007 Mini Cooper S (R56) with an N14 Engine in the spring of 2018. I originally got it for my oldest son that needed a car that was good on fuel. It turned out that the insurance was too expensive for this car, so he never ended up with it.

Instead I’ve created a series of videos of the repairs I did to this car. It’s a long list. So if you have a Mini Cooper that needs repairs, I just might have a video to help you out. Links below.

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Author: Rafael


48 thoughts on “Mini Series Wrap Up

  1. Great information I have an 07 R52 got it at auction last year because its a convertible and its cute , yes with CVT trans after a few months and some gray hair i am driving it, Quirky little cars Not the highest of quality but keep in mind were they come from they are not expected to last the miles we expect here in the US . as crazy as it sounds i am looking for the convertible s version in a manual so every thing you posted will be very useful, So keep up the great work Doug

  2. R56s don't have TPMS sensors on the wheels. It does detect low tire pressure via the ABS/ESP data comparing wheel rotation on the 4 wheels. You can reset it in the onboard computer after checking the tire pressure. Could it be a warning for something else?

  3. I live in Oxford, England where these Minis are made – avoid, they are money pits. Nice car, but all the engines have problems. They are noisy and unrefined.

  4. Thanks Eric, actually you can get 4 new quality TPMS sensors for $150. They don't need any more special tool if you get the right ones. Then just reset on the car. Very simple.

  5. I liked having something different in the shop as well and watching some of the new pains that came along with it. Nice to see this wrap up before the real cold of winter sets in. I hope you get a decent price for the car. I feel you could get parts price plus a little more, given the value of all you've done to the car.

  6. Looked up NADA on it… ugh 🙁 $4,525 is the base Clean Retail Sales price… The clean retail trade in price is $2,775 🙁

  7. I had a 04 mini Cooper s and it was also a money pit. I regret purchasing it but I have since gotten rid of it and bought an 04 S2000 and I couldn't be happier. Glad you're getting rid of that POS.

  8. Hey Eric, I am quite sure you may have already thought of this… but what about a series or episode on what resale car is a good value and repair friendly for a DIY mechanic. Also would make for an economical daily driver/commuter car. You still have great content!

  9. Does this car have a spare tire? When previous owners put the wheels on they may have put the sensors in the spare to keep the light off. Batteries might be dead or the spare may be low on air.

  10. Yes it was entertaining and real. Personally I could give two farts about Mini Coopers. It was nice though seeing someone else buy a car to repair in the attempt to make some money and bomb. I think I have a 1 out of 2 success rate when it comes to buying cars and actually making a profit after repairing them. And I use the word prophet liberally. Cuz really at the end of the day I'm just being paid for my mechanicing, and not that well I might add. But it is kind of fun having different kinds of cars to drive around. I've told myself it's just kind of a hobby. I also figure in that while I'm working on them and driving them I don't have a car payment.

  11. I am guessing his labor cost (if he had been calculating it) would have been another $3,000 added to the price of the car and the parts?

  12. Hi Eric,

    I have watched a few videos about modern car factories, and have noticed that they install engines, even complete drivelines with hubs and suspension, from underneath seemingly very quickly and easily. Is there any way of taking advantage of this for maintenance and repairs?

  13. For all those bitching about the mini series. I for one enjoyed it. Thanks Eric. It was nice to see a modern car in the shop getting tore apart. Some things change iver years and it helps for people driving newer cars than 90s Honda's. So appreciate it.

  14. If it wasn't for Hollywood, the mini cooper would have half the appeal/over rated hype it currently holds…

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