47 thoughts on “MK4 Supra Build Begins!

  1. I have a very rare set of lowen heart racing heart CR-2 wheels. they came on a mk4 with upgraded brake kits there’s only about a few hundred sets from why i can find about them lmk for more info Adam!

  2. @10:08 If a Miata is going to beat the turbo S, it would have to be a flying lap like the go-cart. Just on the launch the Miata would be 2.5sec down into the first turn, let alone getting gapped on the final straight

  3. Adam you need some moisture absorbing packs in that car to get rid of the fogging interior windows. The windows should not be fogged up like that on the insides. In fact any car you don’t drive regularly should have them even if they’re inside shops. Working in car care we get lots of people asking how to get rid of a mouldy/musty smelling interior.

  4. The fact that it literally makes no boost looks to me like the wastegate flap on the turbo is open, so maybe they didn’t connect the wastegate arm when they converted it back to internal gate? Car seems to be hashed together so it’s highly likely lol

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