#Mobil1YearOilChange Challenge!

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When Mobil1 reached out and asked if I’d be willing to do a video with their new oil, I thought it would be a good opportunity to try something different. Instead of doing a regular oil change video, I thought I would mix things up a little and do some real testing of the product.

Challenge accepted! Mobile1 agreed and we’re going to put it to the test. As stated in the video I’ve taken a sample of the oil I took out of my Odyssey and I’m sending it off for testing. Once the 1 year or 20,000 is up, I’m going to do another oil change and compare the results.

In a year, we’re going to come back with another video and compare results. Here are those results: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wm_KIjt85eQ&t=61s

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Author: Rafael


39 thoughts on “#Mobil1YearOilChange Challenge!

  1. i change mine every year before i close down my camaro for the winter. this year i only drove 400 miles but still changed it..used mobil 1 all my life and never had a car motor go bad.

  2. Have a odd question I have 2008 Honda accord ex 3.5l , 188,000 miles burns about 1/4 quart about 1000 miles recommended 5w20 can I put 5w30 here in California gets 80s to 100s thanks.

  3. Eric, it is sad to see you have sold out to a big corporation. I understand though, you have to eat like the rest of us, and making mechanic Youtube videos without sponsors is a difficult life. Unfortunately though, when you take money from sponsors, it means you are no longer unbiased, and that's one of the important features that made your videos famous in the first place.

  4. so if you cant fill up the oil filter with oil because the way the filter faces should I prime the engine by removing the fuel pump fuse and crank it for 10 seconds or will it not really make a difference?

  5. Mobil 1 tested this oil mostly highway miles so 20,000 miles highway miles is same engine wear as 5,000 miles city driving so i keep changing my oil every 5,000 miles regardless walmart $33 for 5 quart jug

  6. Need help. Just changed my oil on my 2015 honda civic ex. I change it every 5k miles no matter what since I don't drive much. Last oil change I used the 20k mobil 1 filter and mobil 1 advanced fuel economy oil. I reused the filter since it was only used for 5k miles but left it upside down and wiped it clean on the outside before reusing it. Filled it again with freshmobile 1 advanced fuel economy. Anything I should worry about? Should I have not reused the same filter even if it didn't reach its full potential?

  7. You can get the Superior 100% Synthetic Oil AMSOIL that goes 25,000 Miles or One Year Guaranteed. Mobil 1 does not have your back if it damages your car.

  8. A lot of commuter vehicles in the UK don't do 20,000 miles in a year but it is a good idea to change the oil because stop start driving on a cold engine causes the oil to degrade quicker causing wear,if you do more mileage on motorways at higher speeds the oil will last longer because the fuel burns better in a hot engine and causes less sump dilution,you don't have to use these expensive oils I certainly don't and have never had an engine failure in 50years of motoring just use the appropriate grade for your engine as per your handbook.

  9. There's an asterisk to that 20,000 mile oil change, those are higway miles, not city driving….huge difference, not getting 20,000 miles for oil in city driving,

  10. I feel that if you have to top off, it throws off the oil analysis. As a rule for me , if I have to top off, I prefer to change the oil already.

    My GTI I uses 0w40 Mobil 1 and it burns through the oil before I hit 5000 miles meaning my dip stick shows at the low mark. I have to top off by like half a quart to get it back to the 50-75% oil mark and finish my run to 5000miles before oil change

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