My Barra GT350’s First 9 Second Pass

I knew it could do it – just had to get that launch!!! Get Solderstick at 20% OFF with discount code “LZ20” at
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28 thoughts on “My Barra GT350’s First 9 Second Pass

  1. SOLDERING! It says it right there on the box 😂, it's not soder LOL. Glad you got the 9 I bet there's more to come, the Supra sounds very angry.

  2. You should do a comparison video with Cletus where you each do a drag race with the same car and a drift track with the same car and see who has better times

  3. The car getting loose in the rear end and feeling unstable up top. It’s not because you’re not running skinny‘s. It’s because you don’t have enough air pressure in the rear tires if they have not enough air pressure it’s like driving with a flat tire on the rear wheel drive they need more air pressure compared to a front wheel drive

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