My Cresta Goes to Nikko Circuit + First Touge Runs!

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37 thoughts on “My Cresta Goes to Nikko Circuit + First Touge Runs!

  1. Love the Japan series, and the Irish one as of lately!! Collette is a great driver would love to see her in FD soon.. imo she's one of the best female drifters YOU LUCKY GUY ADAM 😃

  2. Why come to japan just to drift in the same car in the same track everyday 😓 just Dustin’s japan vlogs and travel japan, there are so many places to visit in a jdm car and enjoy

  3. I just bought a good airbrush kit and some car models….I broke my dads models he made when I was a little kid. And I just bought one of the models he had so I can put it together and give it to him at Xmas. It used to cost like 5 dollars for a model, now they are 30 dollars. I bought his model for 80 dollars….it's the "pie wagon" from 1985, sealed. His was the og from the 70's, you can't find them from the 70's anymore lol.

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