My R32 Sedan’s First Drag Runs in 4 Years!

The last time this thing was at the track it was a VERY different car – and it was my first drag strip experience with my hunt for a 10 second pass. Engine spec below!
Every $5 spent on or get you entered for a chance to win the FD RX7 and $15,000 cash.

HKS Stroker 2.8 crank
RB25 NEO head w/ oversized valves
Garrett G35-1050 turbo
~850whp at 32psi
Ignite Red fuel
CD009 transmission with 3.69 r200 ring gear



42 thoughts on “My R32 Sedan’s First Drag Runs in 4 Years!

  1. Lee bullshittin on the rolls, drivers gotta match speed before they go. Waiting 2 cars back to accelerate early n slingshot is cold blooded.😂

  2. Love the drag racing. Know what it takes to drag race an obscure chassis. Back in the day we used to take our turbo e36 328i to the strip alot. Best time of 9.92 @ 158 in 2007.
    Edit: so many broken axles and shafts until frank at the driveshaft shop came through with the sponsorship and the first sets they made for e36.

  3. Video was fun af watching you drag race. Huge drag race/roll race guy here, so I'm eating this content UP

  4. R32 rolled out every time, you need to hold the handbrake for longer. Looking forward to more drag racing videos!

  5. That Magneride desperately needs fixed or dumpstered. The gt350 looks like a boat getting smashed by 20ft waves and the launches look like its trying to bunnyhop.

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