My R33 is my New Favorite GTR

I was already stoked on this thing – but seeing it now has me eager to get a motor ordered! Every $5 Spent gets you entered for a chance to win the FD-RX7 and $15,000 CASH!



37 thoughts on “My R33 is my New Favorite GTR

  1. Seats would be a cool match with the wheels from an exterior look but think a nice matching s3 interior is a cleaner look from the inside

  2. Amazing video as always, good job mike and crew (you to Adam).
    Wheels looks amazing, keep them as they are and just add some spacers.
    400r seats should go in the 32 imo.

  3. Man I just imagine the R33 with 400R decails over the black paint, and the decails have the same colour shift as your S15 FD car, that red to orange to yellow fade. Oh boi it would look so pretty.

  4. Holy…. Adam has the best collection of JDM cars!
    Really love the GTR R33,34 and especially the R32 is my favorite dream car.
    The 4 rotor Supra is a masterpiece as well ๐Ÿคฉ

  5. wheels look fire, maybe brushed lips would be more the look you want, also keep the 33 interior intact, that series 3 interior looks perfect and the car is all matching, the 400R seats look great but if you want to put it in something go for the 32.

  6. old logo seats in the 32 for sure. as for the wheels, id say go stainless hardware and thatll make em a little less hotboi

  7. Thatโ€™s called โ€˜singetrackโ€™ dirt bike or mtn bike trail and if you had a real enduro bike like a te300 or 300 xcw you would have your mind blown.

  8. who else was waiting for a bike to smash into them on the trail lol. #1 unwritten rule on a trail is don't do it backwards on blind corners incase someone is flying down it

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