My Separated Parents Drag Race for $10,000 Cash

Two VERY fast cars – and the two people responsible for bringing me into this world. I don’t know what’s more surprising – the fact that they were willing to race – or who actually won!
Every $5 spent on gets you entered for a chance to win our MK4 Supra and $20,000 cash.



37 thoughts on “My Separated Parents Drag Race for $10,000 Cash

  1. This was honestly on of the best and most heartwarming and emotional videos I've watched. You deserve everything you have Adam and it makes me happy to see you enjoying such moments with your parents!

  2. This video was so much fun man…I smiled the whole video…those of you that still have both parent alive make sure you cherish them and keep them smiling! Much love LZ FAMILY

  3. This needs to be a new series, putting people who don’t race behind the wheel and letting them face off. The hyperventilating you can see them both doing at the end of the race is amazing, you know the adrenaline is absolutely flowing through them…such real reactions, something most car content is missing these days.

  4. man this was such a good video and you put it all together so well. your dad is such a gem seeing him gangster shifting and recording on his own end inside the car after the passes was awesome. and seeing momma lz go from scared to death to getting sideways and staying in it to win it, man just such a cool moment. well done to everyone involved

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