My Worst Crash in the RTR Mustang – FD Irwindale Qualifying

What went down behind the scenes leading up to qualifying – and what would become my best results of the FD season! (Comp video goes live tomorrow).
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30 thoughts on “My Worst Crash in the RTR Mustang – FD Irwindale Qualifying

  1. You ducken killed it at Irwindale Adam‼️ Loved seeing both RTR mustangs swing by passed OZ2 & you took down Matt field ‼️ I was dumb hyped at Long Beach y’all exceeded expectations closing out the year. Sorry couldn’t stay after lightning came in 😣 .

  2. You absolutely killed it this weekend!! So proud of how much you’ve improved and how much confidence you’ve gained these past few years! also good protest call, these judges were awful this round.. can’t wait for next year and see what you have to offer, I know we’re all looking forward to it! Keep shredding! 💯💯💯💪

  3. New product idea: that guy that guy that walked through the shot at about 4:27 needs to be turned into the next air freshener head. Keep it blurry and out of focus and everything. It’s called the “4:27 air freshener”
    Ps: good job with the face tracking Mike. (if that’s really you)

  4. Why does it seem like those cars need more wheel speed. One small off throttle and you’re adjusting more then you should be. Someone please explain

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