Nissan Skyline Cruise With My Dad

Quick trip to CT during one of the most beautiful times of the year. Got to see family, friends, and enjoy some awesome roads in my R32 GTR. Now off to SEMA! Every $5 spent on and gets you entered to win a rad car and cash!



32 thoughts on “Nissan Skyline Cruise With My Dad

  1. Love the content. And love the mobile e85 station in the trunk. That's what I'd have to do to run e85 because we don't have any gas stations with it in South Jersey. Sucks

  2. Videos just get better and better every week, it’s nice too that LZ is also showing what they do outside of the compound in recent videos, keep it up!

  3. I think your gonna have yo get the pressure washer boys back out. Hey if it's a once a year task, it is what it is, think about how clean the cars were.

  4. what an epic video! nothing better than spending some time with friends and family. especially when you and your dad have matching cars that you bought from your hustle. crazy to think we are the same age, you are living the dream!

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