No Crank No Start, Checking Battery Terminals – EricTheCarGuy

No Crank No Start, Checking Battery Terminals – EricTheCarGuy

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This is one of those situations where someone has gone in replacing a bunch of parts trying to correct a starting problem only for me to find that it was the battery cables and terminals the entire time. Next time you run into a no crank no start situation and you have these cheap battery terminals or damaged battery cables it’s probably a good idea to check there first before you start replacing batteries and starters, it might just save you some money.

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46 thoughts on “No Crank No Start, Checking Battery Terminals – EricTheCarGuy

  1. Ehu eric thank you
    I bought starter paid mechanic ought battery
    And still trying to fiz my f150
    Terminal?are pretty wasted. They get hot after cranka..which it does not it click.

    Now ima gonna art terminal
    Will keep you UPDATED.

  2. Wow, I tend to forget there’s people out there who don’t know jack about cars. The 1st thing you check in a no start situation is the battery and cables!!!! If that’s not good it doesn’t matter how much money in new parts you buy it won’t fix the problem lol! That’s $300 they could had kept in their pocket or more.

  3. I really hope he fixed those cables even after cleaning them he could have made the connection a lot better thats still just a fire waiting to happen

  4. Yes and NO I had a no turn over issue Cleaned terminals (will explain more later) changed ignition relay solenoid, starter, checked all my terminals 93 Ford Ranger all ground/hot leads make sure tight enough. Factory terminals are sealed at lead ends I could not see through the lead. Yes they are bad on inside, cut off changed out I have had no further issues.

  5. This is why I'm subscribed to Eric the Car Guy by far one of the best mechanic on YouTube I have personally figured a lot of things and figured a lot of things out watching his videos. nice feeling when you can fix your own car

  6. So, you identify the problem that the wires are overheating bc of the poor connection to the terminal connector and you choose to just clean it up but don't actually fix what caused the overheating problem in the first place?!! WTH?!! Change the wires coming from the starter and get a better connector that handles the amp going through it in the first place. You're purporting to be a guy teaching others how to do it right!

  7. My battery cable connection was beat to shit and someone broke into my car and stole the battery this morning now my new battery is in but car is getting now power from it

  8. Eric, I put the key in with a two week old autozone battery and as soon as I turned it, (1) The dashboard lights which WERE really brightS, then kinda fade off and then no lights and then won't start not even a click. I remember 10 YRS ago with a different vehicle, per your "LESSON" of your video, CHECK the CONNECTION FIRST!, So I know 2weeks ago along with the new battery, autozone-guy suggested to change the POSITIVE terminal. So I went with it, I asked him, "How about the NEGATIVE?, I thought, here we are doing it, $4 to 10 bucks, WHY NOT?" So he says something like, "Still looks OK still has 3 years or so" So..we did NOT replace it.
    So today it happened as my first 2 statements above. Since 10 years ago something like this happened, I decided to get my little hammer and banged it/NEGATIVE terminal and even cursed at it, "Work, you S.O.B.!" LOL. So I am not expecting much,,,,but hey I put that thinking and effort, might as well put the key back in and turn it again. It went "Vrooomm!!" So obviously NOT ( 1)THE BATTERY NOR (2) THE STARTER, (3) NOR THE ALTERNATOR, BUT DEFINITELY the OLD, UNREPLACED, UNCLEANED NEGATIVE BATTERY TERMINAL!! FOR I BANGED IT WITH A LITTLE HAMMER AND IT WENT VROOM! SO after almost 30 minutes on idle ,,,,I turned it off. Locking the Sienna Van, walking away,,,,I said to myself, "Wonder IF it will NOT START, again. So I got in the van and put the ignition, and I saw the lights very bright on the dashboard, as I turned, it dissapeared again and it WONT even click. DEAD as a door knob. So I called Autozone and tell them what is going on and agreed IF I GET IT GOING tommorrow morning..01-08-2021, I will drive to their store and this time to REPLACE THE NEGATIVE TERMINAL AND MIGHT AS WELL CLEAN IT LIKE YOUR TOOL IN THIS VIDEO. BTW,,,THE NEGATIVE TERMINAL IS AS TIGHT AS IT CAN BE. I THINK THE METAL IS OLD AND IT HAS A BIT OF CORROSION BUT NOT A LOT. BUT I KNOW ITS GOTTA TO BE IT. I Hope you agree with me and any tips would be very much APPRECIATED by me and my wife(her van) before I hammer the negative terminal and drive the Sienna Van to Autozone

    Sincerely thanking you Eric for your precious time,


  9. Had started replaced. A couple of days later crank no start, next day on crank. Finally checked battery cable the screw holding the cable to the battery was so loose I could turn it with my fingers. So angry with my mechanic because I was really stressed out due to his carelessness.

  10. I got a battery in 2016- just died on me now in 2020. I got it changed a few days ago at Autozone but noticed the guy who installed it didn't even clean the terminals. He kind of just blew on it. My car is still making a noise when I start it and I'm taking it to my usual shop to get the starter checked. I hope it's just the terminals! Thanks for the video, it's given me hope I won't have to spend $400-$500 on getting a new starter.

  11. My positive battery terminal wire is in half my friend and I are gonna connect it back together ..wanted to know would this be the cause of the green key coming on the dash ? My emobilizer,key, fuses, computer are good

  12. My terminals were bad and the only symptom it gave me was trouble cranking once only.when I took it to Auto zone they said my alternator was great but my battery needed recharging due to the terminals but it was a good battery..also while I was driving it going high speed it jerked a little two different times
    My question is does it sound like it's only because of the terminals? The terminals were replaced today and so far it hasn't done it..
    Someone answer please

  13. Know what I hate more than those terminals? The new ones they put on new cables now! If there is the least bit of corrosion, snap!

  14. Those wires would drive me crazy ……I swaped my cables for x2 thicker ones..1/0 Awg welding cable which is pure copper And hammered lugs And a smudge of dieelectrial grease Then rubber shrink tube My alt i upgraded to almost x2 the output…Canadian winters never had a issue with a start in 4 years

  15. I have an Audi A4 2005 and replaced the starter I was getting 1 click when turning the key and the new starter never helped I also have smoke coming from the starter. Any ideas?

  16. I got a 2004 bmw 525i and it just gave me a msg on my dashboard to “check battery terminals “ and it doesn’t want to start now any help?

  17. Hi Eric, great video. I’m having some starting issues and it takes 4-5 cranks before it starts. I get a terrible sound coming from the starter motor when it fails to start.

    I have done as you said and checked the battery and they isn’t any corrosion on the terminals and wires are all in excellent condition. The two batteries are located under the drivers seat so haven’t been exposed to much.

    I performed the voltage drop test and was getting very high reading (-3 to -4). I had connected to positive terminal and starter motor. What could be the issue? The wiring all looks good from what I can see

  18. i did that !!!! new battery new starter and whole bunch of googling …and today a clever mechanic finds a earthing issue…! that mean fucking idiots around the place calling themselves mechanic

  19. 5:38 great advice. I am not a mechanic i started buying parts and buying new starter. Battery and my 55 plymouth woudnt start. I ran across your video i check my battery connections and they are horrible. Order the parts and replace them. What do you know it turn back on That son of a bitch

  20. Thank you so much for this video, it really helped me find out what was wrong with my car & why it would not start, I had a lot of corrosion on my battery & it needed a good cleaning. Thanks a bunch.😀

  21. Anybody know what u check for if u accidentally touched the positive terminal with the bar that hold battery in place.It hit my positive terminal n melted together.I replaced the terminal n battery n alternator still no start and my dash dnt come on.if i try to start it the dash lights up n shuts back off.If i turn lights on then dash goes off.Thinking cables need replacement.It was sparking bad when the bar touched the positive.after fixing it it still sparks when jumping it.

  22. What if it's not the starter or battery or ground cable/terminals for the battery? Currently having starting issues with my Jeep after I replaced the starter a month ago…

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