Oh Sh%*#!! The Fairmont’s on Fire!!

The take away here is that me and the car are OK. I’ll have a full explanation of what happened on Monday’s ETCG1 video set to air on March 12, 2018.

ETCG1 video of why the engine caught on fire: https://youtu.be/-HIiOFHbCPA

Till then, feel free to comment on what you think happened.

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Author: Rafael


28 thoughts on “Oh Sh%*#!! The Fairmont’s on Fire!!

  1. There is no quicker response than the owner of a project car seeing their baby go up in flames. very quick response but you just know every second that fire is not put out is going to cost you dearly and undo your hard work and efforts for this project.

  2. A friend and I were putting a new tire on his lawn tractor, using the trick of quick-start (ether) and ignite it. The small explosion will instantly seat a difficult bead. We set the tire on fire, and had a hard time putting it out… Because we were laughing so hard!

    Seriously though…. We got away with it because it's such a small tire. But people have been seriously injured doing that with car and especially large truck tires.

  3. Way back when, either Road & Track or Car & Driver (don't remember which) did a Fairmont project car that caught on fire. They dubbed it the Firemont.

  4. Way back when, either Road & Track or Car & Driver (don't remember which) did a Fairmont project car that caught on fire. They dubbed it the Firemont.

  5. On the left fender there is a cutout of a tube where liquid comes in and then starts the fire on the left manifold. If that is fuel, why is it coming from the left fender? Serious question.

  6. My corolla did that when I didn't have the air filter on. Thank god I put it out with no damage other than my sweater burning. That's why I never use starting fluid. I was gonna paint flames on the front to remind me it once was a small inferno.

  7. After all that time, money, and effort- could you install a "fire suppression system" like restaurant kitchens and gas stations? 2 or 3 nozzles (9, 12, 3) with pipes going to a bottle. Pull a pin- done. A foam would be better while moving, but powder is easier to clean and more Track friendly. A "Professional" ANSUL system is a lot, but you could DIY fairly cheap. $500 peace of mind= https://www.amazon.com/Stroud-Safety-9302-Suppression-System/dp/B005JVQFGS/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1537055833&sr=8-8&keywords=fire+suppression

  8. You didn't use any Lucas Electric company parts, did you..?.. i know that most people think they're safe over on this side of the pond cause our junky cars usually can't use U.K. made parts…. ( glad u both made it ok)

  9. wow, good you had that fire fire extinguisher by hand…  don´t forget to replace / refill it for the next time 🙂

  10. Good job Eric! This fire could have gotten out of control in minutes and involved the building as well. The heat generated by a large open flame has a torch effect on surfaces 10 feet or more above it.

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