Oil Change Tips #vehiclemaintenance

*Sponsored Video* Here are some tips that can help you with your next DIY oil change and a way to make it more environmentally friendly by using Havoline’s new oil packaging.

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13 thoughts on “Oil Change Tips #vehiclemaintenance

  1. i never got why they don't just set up that reverse supply chain, even if it costs a bit more, to reuse those jugs. We used to do it with milk it isn't impossible or even cost prohibitive.

    It's better than making new containers every single time.

  2. I really like your videos Eric! You’ve been around since I was BARELY getting into cars and you’ve helped me a lot. But there’s no way in hell I’m gonna put all that weight on a tow hook bracket. Those are NOT welded on the frame, most of the time they’re just bolted on and they WILL collapse with all that pressure. Sure it might’ve worked for you but it might not work for someone else. Making YOU liable for any injuries, I mean come on man, you should know to lift from the middle of the front subframe and the rear diff pumpkin for the back. None of this half way side to side crap, this is plain dangerous and unsafe. DO NOT tell viewers to jack up a car by a flimsy tow hook point or I will start making shorts showing how to CORRECTLY lift a vehicle. I might not be a pro w my own shop but I make sure I do the best on every vehicle I work on no matter what and through my experience you NEVER want to jack up a car ANYWHERE besides those two points I previously stated. Otherwise it could slip off the jack and damage the car or somebody. This is really unsafe buddy! Recommend changing the video up because you could hurt somebody telling them this and you could lose everything again!! It’s like me saying “oh yeah just grab this scorching hot frying pan with just a paper napkin it’ll be fine you won’t burn yourself at all” just no. Just no.

  3. When I was in my teens and 20s I would change my vehicles oil myself. They were older vehicles through private sales and weren’t as heavily computerized as they are now. I now own a brand new vehicle. Would you recommend that I still change my own oil or should I take it to get serviced? Would hate to disrupt any manufactures warranty’s or cause it to throw a code, etc. How do I work around the dash telling me that “maintenance required”?

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