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You might be thinking, ‘Eric, what the heck is this Civic’s problem?’ Well to be honest I have no idea but obviously this car has giving me some trouble lately and it doesn’t seem to want to leave the shop. This time it was a FLASHING check engine light that seemed to pop up overnight that ended up being a bad intake manifold gasket. Not sure why this didn’t show up when I checked the codes the first time and got the speed sensor code but it didn’t. I’m just grateful that it’s fixed now and has made it’s way down the road. This is a nice addition to my check engine light series though as misfires are quite common in the world of check engine lights. Should you run into a misfire code such as a P0301, P0302, P0303, P0304, P0305, P0306, or P0300 I would suggest approaching it in the same way and don’t forget to check for vacuum leaks because as you can see in this video they can set a misfire code and cause performance issues. Enjoy the video.

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  1. I bought this 2000 honda civic with 98000 original miles drove like a dream for 20k miles it started misfire on cylinder 1 my dumb ignore it now i got misfire in all cylinders and messed up my cat i loce this car looks like a brand new civic but nobody wants to work on it beacause its a cng car(natural gas car) so i have to do myself

  2. I keep trying to catch glimpses of the back half of that sexy red station wagon in the background. What is that? My guess is an early 90s Corolla?

  3. I have the exact same car and your clutch hydraulics video was really helpful. Now I'm having an intake manifold leak and about to tackle that. Thanks for the video!

  4. Thank you this is such a great video, I don't own a Honda but I have been dealing with a blinking check engine light, throwing a multiple misfire code on my 1.6 Hyundai. This knowledge that you have shared is greatly appreciated, thanks again for the video

  5. Eric can I ask on a 97 Honda Accord 2.2l non vtec , my check engine light does flash on a cylinder 1 misfire but the second I give it gas the light goes solid , upon new plugs ,cap,rotor ,wires ,coil and still the code and I changed out injectors to rule that out no change, plug has power I have a nice strong spark …any ideas would be awesome as I follow u and watch all videos ..keep up the good work I hope to hear back..

  6. I replaced mine 2 times and still have a leak. I cleaned the mounting points but just doesn’t seem to seal. What do I do now? Take Intake off and have shop check it out? There any sealers?

  7. Excellent job,,,,,,,,replaced the distributor, wires, spark plugs, sensors, pvc valve, and the darn code P0301 still comes on…. saw your video and ended up being a cracked gasket..the car has 365000 miles and it runs just like when I bought new….you are the best Eric…keep up the good work….

  8. Just got a P01399 on my Honda civic 2000 I had a misfire on my number one cylinder I cleaned out everything change the plugs wires cap and rotor and ignition coil it ran good once it warmed up it started running rough

  9. Hey car guy, good videos. Learn a lot from u. But for personal reasons I can't work on my car.
    2001 Civic LX , they say head gasket replace. Bit recently found intake manifold gasket fan cause same problem. No one wants change intake manifold gasket. Only head gasket. Very grateful to you if you can do a 2001 Civic LX intake manifold gasket replace mention video step by step. Thanks. I will make an attempt myself. Need your video help. No your not responsible for anything I do to my car all my choice and decision I will be 100% responsible if anything bad happens to my car if this sloves my problem. I can day I will be very grateful to you for educational video.

  10. Hi Mr. Eric, I need your help her: I got a 2004 honda crv , last month Dec 2018 I got check eng. light code: P0301 with recommending to change coil cylinder 1, I went to mechanic, he switched coil 1 to the one next to it, and check engine gone. last week I got the light back, I went to Autozone, I got 3 code now (1-P0301 Misfire No.1 Cylinder 2- P0134 H02S S1 Circuit hight voltage / No activity 3- P1457 Evap control system leakage (evap canister area).
    also, a long time ago, I had change oxygen sensor base on mechanic recommendation because my car kind of vibrate, but I still keep it because it is original. Please advise me, which error should I start and I am thinking if one of fix could fix other error. I am thinking to change all 4 sparks plugs because it is very old and never change for a long time.
    thank you

  11. Eric, here is a strange one.

    I'm getting a Po310 code on a
    Hyundai. (2000 Elantra, with a
    4 cylinder.)

    Also getting;

    Any ideas?


  12. Eric, I'm getting the same code on a '04 Honda CR-V but I don't know if the Check Engine light was blinking. I just changed the spark plugs out, and I noticed some red/brown rust coloring on the ends of my ignition coils. It was heavier on one than the others and I think it was cylinder 3 (counting right to left) which wouldn't be contributing to my P0301 code. Do you think this is an issue in general or possibly with this code? I just noticed you said about your ignition coils "It looks a little crusty but I'm not seeing anything on there that's gonna give me any concern." What do you mean by crusty or concerning? Love your videos, thanks!

  13. a paper gasket on a cylinder head… think its gonna get hot when running? i just remembered that u soaked it in water before… "wet and flimsy" yeah no shit xD

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