Painting Porsche 911 Bumpers in the Inflatable Paint Booth WITHOUT a Compressor!

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Today we finally master DIY Automotive Painting at home using our Inflatable Paint Booth and an Apollo Turbine Paint System.

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Special thanks to: (Jake Lesada) (Vtuned Garage)

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34 thoughts on “Painting Porsche 911 Bumpers in the Inflatable Paint Booth WITHOUT a Compressor!

  1. Remember the seven P’s. Proper planning and preparation prevent pathetic poor performance. And yes I’ve cleaned up this rhyme by including pathetic, it should be a word which may not be suitable for a family audience. Painting isn’t hard, it’s labour intensive and time consuming, I’m an amateur but I’ve achieved acceptable results at home with simple spray cans. Give it a go, start with small parts, your paint job is unlikely to end up worse than it started.

  2. So technically the professional painter would have been cheaper? His materials plus if he would have paid the tools would have cost more then what a shop would charge. Not to mention it would have come out great.

  3. It’s a good idea to put several coats of clear on everything with a good sanding in between. The more coats the better. Worth it when you get a scratch or something. If it’s just in the clear it can be fixed easily.

  4. I just subscribed to you. please do the same. I will keep the subscription for a week to see if you subscribe to my channel. I will do the same for anyone who subscribes to my channel . good demonstration on the paint booth, very well done. I just bought a 33x16x11 portable paint booth. I should have it by friday. It has a five feet back room for putting on paint suit and for a nice size table to keep your current job chemicals and guns or whatever you want. another company was going to charge me 9,000.oo for one the same size mentioned above I got mine for 1,500.00 and bought the fans off ebay. I will be demonstrating it on Youtube right out of the box. I have spent countless hours and many days looking for the right deal and the best you can get without having to pay 8,000.oo more from all the other companies. I will also be doing a live streaming body shop training school absolutely no charge teaching you how to make over 1,000.00 per day. also when I am not using it I rent my paint booth for 150.00 per day to parties and weddings. I will teach how to keep your booth from damage and what best chemicals to keep your booth clean and how to make it smell good when you rent yours out for 150.00 per day when you are not using your booth. so if this sound interesting to you. all of this is only going to be private with all my subscribers only, the videos will not be open to be viewed by general traffic who are not subscribed to my channel. If you are planning on buying an paint booth , do not till you watch my video because if you buy one not well built or the right size for your needs, you are just wasting your money. If you need one asap subscribe to me now and inbox me. the link to my channel will be below. but if you can not wait??? what ever portable paint booth you buy, make sure you look at the zippers. most booths sold on ebay or amazon have cheap zippers that break or come apart right from the start and then your stuck and can not return your booth for a refund. also some booth have bad filter systems and plastic windows on the paint booth are not there when you pull the flaps. so beware. do not just go by the pictures because the pics are very deceiving. the 33x16x11 booth i ordered is the best for the money with good zippers vents and filters. I will also do videos how to keep your booth from collapsing on your freshly painted 2500 chevy van in case of a power outage as our friend already had that mishap. lol You will want to subscribe to my channel now, and click the bell so you will be notified when I upload these videos to help you out. her@UCztjmuFd0T_krrTKSRqbbgg is the link.

  5. Hey Sam.

    Like your Channel
    I am here in Canada. Question! How do I get insurance estimate from car auctions as this is needed in the rebuilding process and inspection in order to get rebuilt title here in Canada. Do the insurance sales cars have them… if so how do you obtain them. Who do you use to buy car through?

  6. One thing I would say about turbines is they can be good or bad.  I used one for 12 years or more painting on hundreds of cars. Then when it failed went back to a 600 dollar spray gun and 400 dollar filter system for the air compressor. The positive  of the turbines is warm oil free moisture free air, but the down side is just one pressure that is low and just lobbing the material on. In my time using a turbine I found it very hard to get good paint matches with metallic and pearl paints. Using higher end paint like PPG DBC base coat really helped the color matches in those applications vs say Omni MBC. Now DBC is going to match better  than MBC no matter what, but in using a real spray gun the mismatches of the MBC are no where near as bad . As far as the too much orange peel with a turbine, that is a fact and the same can be said for any cheap spray gun. If your doing this at home or even in a high end spray booth , you have to wet sand and buff for the most part any way if you want perfection., so I don't see the orange peel as a real deal breaker with a turbine, just the color matches in certain situations, or if you need to match a factory orange peel to perfection. That said I was using a TIP turbine bought 20 years ago, so maybe they have improved , but no matter what will be limited with just one pressure setting for certain color matches.

  7. Was always curious how those turbine systems were, I have a much larger compressor so I really don't need one now but years ago probably could have went that direction. Then again I use air for a lot of tools some of which are air hogs. Glad it worked out for you.

  8. Great video! I love your positive, can-do attitude. Two similar pieces of advice that I live by are:

    “ you can do anything as long as you put your mind to it”

    “Failure is assured if you do no try to succeed “

  9. I have a request for entertainment purposes for your channel. Why not get a car which is MORE damaged and needs more work than you usually would take on in a project? Within reason of course. Just for interest sake, salvage some gem model which has more extensive damage

  10. Doesn’t make sense to me. The professional paintshops do better jobs for less money. Don’t you see the orange-skin on the clear coat? Sorry but not worth the money…

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