Polishing my Scratched Up 992 GT3 Touring…

Even though this car was virtually brand new… the paint was not! I stopped by Obsessed Garage to have some fun and dial it in. Every $5 spent on http://LZMFG.com and http://DriftHQ.com gets you entered for a chance to win our Mk4 Supra and $10,000 cash.
OBSESSED GARAGE – https://www.youtube.com/@ObsessedGarage



41 thoughts on “Polishing my Scratched Up 992 GT3 Touring…

  1. Now imagine me in the winter with my floor push broom cleaning off my cars with it. Lmaoooo you would die. You guys should trade interior

  2. Matt, is the one person I take advice from very seriously. He spends the money and justifies expensive purchases. Also his advice is geniune and supported with evidence from himself. A good guy indeed!

  3. I need to see you put on the non-touring GT3 swan tail on the touring because I want to do the same thing to my Touring. Only thing I’m worried about is essentially removing the air brake by doing that.

  4. I like the houndstooth Adam. It’s different. But then again I’m 2 yrs away from age 55. I’m gonna use one of Matt’s terms and chalk it up to me just being a “loser”. 😂I’m okay with that. Matt’s color combo looks good as well. Oh just hand the polisher to Matt already. He’s gonna be flustered until you do. “ well since I suck at it, here you go Matt. Have at it buddy.” Adam intentionally acts helpless until Matt rips it outta his hands. Adam chuckles as Matt paint corrects his car. “ Thanks buddy.” Better not let the girlfriend see it with that tape on it or she may get some ideas in her head. You both have sweet cars guys. Don’t forget to share some exhaust notes with us.

  5. Question for the obsessed guys. I understand using the da buffer for the first cut since you want to remove more material but why not switch to using a rotary for the finishing passes with your polish to get that better shine from the rotary? I know most people say you get swirls but I’ve been in the paint world for about 5 years and I’ve never left swirls with rotary

  6. You know Matt was talking shit about Griots the entire time. One thing I hate about that guy is that he 100% equates price to quality.

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