R33 Build Begins!

Embarking on my new addiction to trail building, Supra stuff, and R33 teardown!
New drop at 6PM EST! Every $5 spent gets you entered for a chance to win https://lzmfg.com



50 thoughts on “R33 Build Begins!

  1. Bro you should have never sold that little 4×4, so rare to find those things that still run and drive. See you playing with that thing in the tracks that you just cleared reminded me that I have a inner child as well. We should all be doing fun shit like that..

  2. There's a diff locker where your left heel is you hold it down with your left foot and give it gas with your right foot once started the diff will stay locked untill you let off the gas again

  3. If you're truly serious about getting the stumps and continuing the trail building, I highly recommend getting a mini excavator with a blade on it. You'll be able to dig up the stumps, rocks, or whatever else is in your way. It's also easier to maneuver since you have an arm you can use if you get stuck.

  4. Looks like the rollers in the second clutch broke on the sxs if it’s anything like the snowmobile clutches that’s exactly what it is
    Update after watching later into the video I was right lmao get upgraded ones the stock ones suck

  5. Adam honestly you scare me on a tractor sometimes. There should be a monetary rear diff lock pedal and you should keep the bucket pretty low so if the tractor were to tip forward it would catch you. And on the topic of rolling over the loop on the back is for your protection as well if it rolls over. I lived on farms my whole life from family farms and Neighbors. Also you might could use a bigger tractor the size to clean up your wooded area.

  6. Keep in mind that when building jumps for the side x side, they need to be fairly mellow with long, smooth transitions. The last thing you want is for the jump to be short and steep because that’ll just set you up for a trip to Endonesia!

  7. Canadians like me always miss out on these giveaways 👎

    I`m sure the guys from SXSBlog would be happy to help with the SxS stuff. Especially since you know the guys lol

  8. Hire your local HotShot firefighters, they’ll clear you a large path in a day or two and they’ll pile it for burning. Those dudes probably need work during the winter months anyhow.

  9. You have a roll-over hoop on the back of that that is folded in the stowed position. I recommend that you unfold it so you will likely survive a roll-over accident.

  10. That old bumper looks like the bumper on my 97 F150 XL. Not sure if that's what it is but that's what came to mind immediately. Just a factory 10th gen XL front bumper (XLT has fog lights)

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