Racing Hondas in my 500WHP RX7

Stopped by Sonic shop and got the full Honda experience with some of the baddest builds around! Who you betting on – NSX, Integra, or RX7?
Every $5 spent on or gets you entered for a chance to win an ALL EXPENSES PAID TRIP for you and a friend to attend a stop of the LZ World Tour.



48 thoughts on “Racing Hondas in my 500WHP RX7

  1. I still need a shop to build my 1995 Nissan 200SX for content for there channel. Keep it as long as you want but return it to me built. It has sentimental value to me and will never let it go. I'm disabled and not able to wrench on it myself. I've asked so many shops to do this and none responded. I don't care what motor you put in it. K swap, RB, SR, 1JZ, 2JZ hell even an LS. Just something reliable. I'm not wanting a rotary. I would like at least 1 turbo and an all wheel conversion. I'm torn between Rally and Drift but still would like a hand break. But Beggars can't be choosy. Is there anyone out there that will do this strictly for the content to help a fellow brother out???????? If I had the money and the physical ability I'd do it in a heartbeat for another brother in the car world!!!

  2. I just want to say, I’ve known Sonic for roughly 12-ish years. His journey in life was not easy and im so glad he is getting the exposure he deserves. The guy you see in the videos (including his bro and Jroc) are exactly how they are in person. All great people in this video and I wish them all of the success in the world. It’s much needed!

  3. I don't even like Honda's but you can't not love Sonic's energy! Dude is so cool and all his cars you can tell are just so well built. This was a good video

  4. Sonic and that nsx is where my money would b.. I have a clean 92 integra and I absolutely love to meet sonic and have him work on my car. One day maybe I get rich.. sonic is a legend like youngstatic in the honda game.

  5. I chose the Mazda but off that last race I would have taken the loss seemed like a decent shift and nsx didn’t look like it was full throttle good race

  6. As someone who did the same when I let someone else drive my cars, The dude laughing about someone beating his car is hilarious and so relatable. Also I miss FFS my turbo del sol and my srt4 so bad.

  7. This video has me smiling and laughing with you guys. So wholesome just mates sharing the same passion and having a good time ❤

  8. …i doubt its the truth he is doing the stuff he said only for living – but if so i have to move to USA – all these cars worth almost 6-700k would never be possible to own by just repair and buying cars. haha

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