RB25 C4 Corvette – First Street Drive!

I’ve been dying to drive this thing… but have been too nervous about smashing the kit. Decided today was the day to take it out – and was surprised! Find the whole build on the Drift HQ channel here – https://www.youtube.com/@DriftHQ
Every $5 spent on http://LZMFG.com gets you entered for a chance to win the RB26 R33 and $10,000 cash.



30 thoughts on “RB25 C4 Corvette – First Street Drive!

  1. Corvette looks mean and clean ..but shockingly as col said you haven't complained about and squeaky sounds or any vibrations but sounds sweet can't wait for you to turn it up alittle

  2. Adam it's a Targa top not a T-top or drop top ! Guess it's a pop top cause it pops out easily In 1984 the C4 started the Targa top design in Corvettes the last Ttop was a 82 C3 cause we all know there was no 83 vette. But hate to say this, but later Vettes only got to be really good starting with a C5 in 97. Now its finally a world class car and supercar beater in the C8 ! Cant wait to get a ride in a C8Z06 cause unfortunately now that's it's a world class car it's also becoming unaffordable. Really unaffordable with the fucking mark ups dealers are putting on just about every new car worth buying these day !!

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