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**This Jeep blew up about 4 hours after this video was made. Apparently it’s a common issue with the 4.0 of this vintage.

Engine noise video

Jeep starter video

Power balance test

Many of you understood where I was coming from when making the original video but I felt that I needed to go into a little more explanation based on some of the other comments in the original video. Every technician does things differently based on their personal experience and I for one respect your input so feel free to comment as much as you like and question what I do, it is after all how I will grow and get better at what I do.

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45 thoughts on “Re: Jeep Engine Noise – EricTheCarGuy

  1. Eric there is one more thing about ticking noise if it sounds like it is the lifters but to soft you should do a drop off the oil pan and hand crank the engine so you can see with a flash light up to the piston if the piston is worn on it's side which is a common issue when you run this jeep thru the mud and get dirt into the engine block. It works like sand paper and so the ticking comes from the piston been worn and each top dead center when you go from push to pull it tick's the cylinder from one side to the other side. Just as a FYI for the future for you and others to know. Over time it creates a blow by to the point of engine blow up or total power loss. If in the early early stage you find out it's only the cylinder which need's to be replaced. Later you need to machine the block for bigger pistons with a machine shop.

  2. I tell you what I have same thing
    I just bought it yesterday and there was a little bit of a ticking but not like a little lifter noise little bitty one and now it sounds like just like the one you had in your video

  3. How can i message u a video and maybe find out what mine is. Ithappens when im driving or stopped. Acand heat can be on or off. Same with radio

  4. Hi Eric the car guy I just wanted to let you know you that you helped me a lot while I was in jail , I had access to a learning tablet that had a whole bunch of educational videos of different types of jobs one them was yours , had all kinds of videos of how to fix different things

  5. I don't care what people say. Those generations of the 4.0 is just bad news. They had all kinds of piston failure. Piston heads cracking, mains spinning, and pistons busting. Chrysler issued a bulletin for those that the materials inside the engine were insufficient. It's the pistons. I have seen before lifter failure in those engines. But not nearly as common as spinning mains, and severe piston slap due to cracked pistons.
    To hell with them

  6. Timing chain has a rubber piece mounted in cover that breaks apart allowing chain to tap cover, would not, I repeat, would not effect performance. I know he said he would not respond to this, thats fine his loss. Being a experienced mechanic myself, I tend to investigate reasonable comments, instead of arrogant dismissal.

  7. If its knockn the and sounding the way it was then it usually almost always will be a oil problem the moving parts need lubrication but always put a stethoscope to it I picked up an electronic stethoscope at the flea market for like 10 dollars they're awesome and better then a normal one and never rule out a bad knock sensor either on something like this trust me they are a issue for those things I'm not a big fan of Chryslers early 2000's odb engines

  8. I have cracked and broke flex plates and though it was rod. Currently gotta change flywheel because starter not catching. Those value covers always loosen up on jeeps. Of course I got 700$ jeep 3 years ago. I always like your videos. Thanks.

  9. My question is can I install a six cylinder engine in a mahindra bolero Jeep? I am very much keen to install British leyland 0.370 six cylinder naturally aspirated diesel. Please reply me quickly I am anxiously waiting for your reply

  10. I have the same problem and sound
    … was the alternator..
    Sounds weird but it was.
    Every two days an so it would turn off by it self. Until making that weird noise.,an yes alternator… I have a video to prove it👊

  11. Buddys jeep wj simlar issue it was number 6 cylinder broken piston skirt if you would of used a micro camera to check out pistons u may have caught it in time

  12. Sounds like my 4.0 bad lifters and piston slap. Let you know in a week when i rip it apart..Gas in oil =bad noises

  13. #3cyl pull wire no change. 122.p.s.I no leak down.plug clean&dry.35 lbs.oil pressure idle 55 to 60 driving. Runs good good power off idle idles like shit? Am I the only one? 775-870-5466

  14. Stay away from the 99 and up 4.0 liters, blocks crack, head gasket failure, and bad pistons. Overall cheaper metal was used. 98 and down were great had 4 in the family all over 200k

  15. probably put a window in the block, seen that multiple times from many 4.0's with a cracked piston skirt. usually cracks from lack of coolant and oil changes. wear on cylinder walls and excessive heat weakens the skirt. the piston bounces around making noise, rod cracks… piston puts window in block. their tough motors when taken care of. modern oils don't protect the flat tappet cams in these motors.but a worn cam lobe or dead lifter wont cause a dead engine, just a dead cylinder. a loose timing chain will cause an erratic idle, misfires, but once again, unless it splits, will not cause a dead engine. also these things suck at picking up variations in cam timing so no code for the cam sensor but you will have a misfire code.
    just my $0.02

  16. Dude.. Unless YouTube is treating you OK, it's not even worth wasting your time with these people in here. The problem with the internet is that everyone can go to Google and they become a technician. I've tried to help people on Facebook (actual friends) and be completely bypassed with having 13 years of professional experience working in shops every day by people that "oh I've had that similar problem and it was this, so that's what it's gotta be on your car" because they like that response better than an educated response because it's more in depth. I gave up, I won't even bother helping anyone anymore. It's a shame but oh well.

  17. i have a 2001 suburban with a 5.3 liter v8 it has 267000 miles and has developed lower pressure and some noise multiple people have told me they used 15w40 oil with lucas stabilizer and noise went away and presure improved, whats your idea on this? thanks

  18. Had one same noise up high in the motor but had two noises went for lifters look to see if anything there turned out other noise way piston

  19. i wonder if its just a Straight six cylinder thing i have a Trail Blazer that sounds not as nosy but there telling me its a lifter issue so i got the blazer in the shop where i got the car and there going to replace all the lifters

  20. Eric, one thing I found out about Chrysler products is something I have never seen with any other make. If you re-use the torque converter bolts you are supposed to grind a thread out of each bolt. They don't give enough depth of thread in the holes and a used bolt will bottom out. They aren't TTY bolts and can be reused but must be ground. I also have in my shop right now a 4.0 that has a shot to hell timing chain with tons of play but no driveability issues, another thing I have never seen in anything but this particular engine. The timing chain failed due to heavy sludge, which was loads of fun to remove.

    Love your vids and what you do, but I do realize that maybe you aren't as deep into the 4.0 just like I am not in deep with knowledge on import cars. Thought I would throw some info your way. Obviously without the engine available for an autopsy we will never have conclusive proof what did fail.

  21. I agree with your train of thought. With that many miles if it's not the top end = rebuild the motor, replace with salvaged engine, or junk the vehicle. I'm thinking it's a spun a rod bearing. My GM 4.3 Vortec spun a rod bearing and sounded similar. I could have sworn it was pushrod noise at first. At TDC the excess play makes the slapping noise. The connecting rod acts like rudimentary tuning fork which makes it sound like top section of the engine. It louder below but that's not where people put their heads. A stethoscope helps as you mentioned. An unsolved mystery unfortunately.

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