Reactions to my Ultimate Response R32 GTR

Chill weekend with some special guests in town. Falling in love with the fresh GTR build the more I drive it… but now I need to make my R34 better!
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44 thoughts on “Reactions to my Ultimate Response R32 GTR

  1. I still hate Tommy 🀣 seeing his face angers me and that's so obscene for someone who I have only ever seen once in person 😬🀣

  2. It's interesting, Adam's lap go very similar to the old Top Gear test track with the "star in a reasonably car". The laps that are smooth are much faster.

  3. going to apologize from beginning for being rude about this buy hey! that's what i think . i think Tommy is always saying just what you want to hear because he just wants to be around you,witch is understandable.
    The crx is my favorite out of all your cars

  4. Definitely interested in Seeing Adam's 34 do afew runs against his 32, definitely would make for an interesting race πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  5. 10:14hey guys if anyone if you can do some dig up and u are from Australia might ask motive DVD who this girl name is after those years if she has the crx if anyone truly knows who might his girl be reply or ask motive DVD personally and go to my comment and reply me down what he told you thanks

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